Saturday, 8 April 2017

Request to post a concept before the Playoffs!

Hi everyone, Alan here for my 3rd post of 2017 here on AJH HJA! I’m going right straight to with my thoughts on things in the NHL and other stuff.

The Streak is over
In the 2014 WWE Wrestlemania The Undertaker streak ended by Brock Lensar. This year after 25 years the Detroit Red Wings playoff appearance streak is over as they didn’t play well, but the only good part about this is they didn’t play like the Colorado Avalanche this year “man that wasn’t pretty.” They will get as least a good pick at this year draft.

Oilers going Orange all the way.
The Oilers are going to the playoffs for the first time since 2006 so what the team do for the playoffs? Well the Oilers higher ups announced that starting at this year playoffs that the team will be wearing their orange jerseys and more likely next season home games. I'm a fan of the Oilers orange jersey but promoting it from alternate to home is not the way to go it's feels like it got that Calgary Flames vibe going on, but will see maybe the higher ups will think twice after this year playoffs.

Well that’s my quick rants, on to once again a fan request concept by John O. This time it’s the Oilers rival the Calgary Flames. This request is the Flames old 1995-2000 set in Reebok form.

These featuring 3 things. 1: It featuring the flaming horse logo on the shoulders. 2: The nameplate font is J-LOG Starkwood Sans. 3: We got a black alternate jersey.

For this years, Playoffs Pickz I’m going just straight to picks instead of explaining of team’s info I felt it’s time consuming to put many stuff together in so little time that’s all I’m making a change to it until if I get the time, and the feel to do some reviews from the rounds. Also at the same time I’ll be posting some more Flames fan request concepts requested by John O.
Well that’s all I got to write about here the next post will be my annual “NHL Playoff Pickz” until then, later.

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  1. Excellent job as always. Plus, impressive facts being shared recently, like the Red Wings not going to the playoffs after like 25+ years, with like a half-dozen of Cups and/or appearances during that span. But speaking of the postseason, kudos to the Oilers for being back in the dance. And can't wait to hear your predictions for this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs. Best wishes.