Saturday, 9 February 2019

Washington Capitals 3rd Jersey concept

Hello everyone, Alan here for another concept post here at AJH HJA. This one is short and sweet because it's the same but recoloured, it's one of my first concepts that I sent over to the Stopgap Concept site if you have a concept that needs to be reviewed go over to site, find the E-mail and sent in your concept over to them and support the site.

Now with that out of the way on to the 3rd jersey concept.
Pretty much the same as the Caps dark jersey from my Caps set but the red and blue are switched.

Stopgap Concept Feedback

Well, that's the concept, time for some rants.

2020 NHL Winter Classic
Well, it official The Dallas Stars opponent for the 2020 Winter Classic at the Cotton Bowl is the Nashville Predators. The question now is what they will wear at the event? I believe in my mind for Dallas, the Stars first black jersey, or the star shape jersey they wore it while winning the 1999 Stanley Cup title. As for Nashville, I'm thinking their first white jersey or something based on the city old minor league days.

Lakers on the move
Going down to Ontario Jr.C level news that I pretty much the only one that cares about, there are talks that the Wallaceburg Lakers could be relocated to Tilbury Ontario. For Wallaceburg, it's a heartbreaker, for Tilbury it's for the first time since 1994 where the team had to bail out due to a hazing scandal resulting in hundreds of criminal charges being laid. I'm hoping for a name that works for Tilbury something that doesn't stick with the past but gives the town the fill with pride and could rival with the Wheatly Sharks.

So my rant is done, hope for some more posts soon if I get the chance to do them until then, later.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Washington Capitals Concept 2019

Hello everyone Alan here at AJH HJA. Well as promised today's post is a concept I made for an HJC contest and pretty much you all know the drill, "I enter it, and didn't win." Here's my Washington Capitals concept.

Simple stripes for both jerseys, the arms are based on the Caps old triple B era (blue, black and bronze) while the hem is somewhat on an angle "V" shape that is too much a "V." The logo also comes from the old triple B era only recolored to the Caps current colour set. Both nameplate and numbers are the same as what the Caps currently using. On the dark jersey all red with blue and white stripes, while on the white jersey red and blue stripes.

This post is in the books, oh I forgot to tell you all that there is a new concept site that I sent some of my concepts to, it's called "Stopgap Concepts." It's a temporary project so it can go two ways, but if the site gets some good support, then we may have a website that showcases concepts just like what HJC used to.
My next post will be another concept, who will be? You'll have to wait till my next post, until then later and have a fantastic Super Bowl weekend.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

2019 PJHL Outdoor game jerseys review

Hell everyone Alan here for another non-concept post here at AJH HJA. From January 11 to January 12 the PJHL's Stodds Division did an event called "Outdoor Shiny Series" it took place at Lanspeary Park in Windsor Ontario. Six teams played in this showcase, so when it comes to outdoor games one thing comes in mind is the jerseys, one looks good, one is over gimmicky, and the rest were meh. Today I'm going to review them, but first here are the links that I got photos from each team's Facebook page I cropped some pictures to focus on the jerseys in general. 

Wallaceburg Lakers Facebook Page
Wheatley Omstead Sharks Facebook Page

First, two teams for me to review them are the Lakeshore Canadiens and the Petrolia Flyers.

 Lakeshore Canadiens

Blue Habs dark jersey with big white chest and arm stripes with thin red lines, while the hem got just red and white thin stripes. The numbers are standard block is white but with red and blue trims around it helps to make it readable from far away. The team's primary logo works really well with the blue jersey far better than their current set they got.
The down point is the socks don't really match with the jerseys, and that's the only thing I had a beef with it.
Overall: I hope this team decides to promote these jerseys as the new dark jersey.
Score: 8 out of 10

Petrolia Flyers

I like how they did with the stripes under the arms to the sides with the additions of maple leafs on it, the socks match it well with the jerseys.
Red and white digital camo is an alright theme, but it really not necessarily need on the whole jersey it kinda blends with blue letters that make it hard to read from far, the collar was just lazy. Lastly, the logo is very outdated and does not fit well with the jersey.
Overall: too many ideas create one lousy jersey.
Score: 3 out of 10

Now off to the next 2 teams, The Amherstburg Admiral vs Wallaceburg Lakers

Amherstburg Admiral

Believe it or not, these were the team's first jersey set from the beginning along a light blue light jersey (for real!) it's just the Pittsburgh Penguins winter classic with standard block numbers in gold along with white trim around it. I'm not going to start ranting about the logo I'll put it simply it's just old end of story. Nothing much to say anything else about this just the pants barely match with the jersey and the white helmet throws the whole thing way off.
Overall: Not very much classic from a team that started in 2013.
Score: 2 out of 10

Wallaceburg Lakers

Now I said before many time I hate vintage white/cream white colour, but there is that rare time that I'm alright with it, and this one is okay with me. Montreal Canadiens style in cream jersey as main colour along with green stripes and gold trim. Numbers works very well in this one being gold with green and cream for the trims. Black equipment throws off the look, and green socks didn't really help out either.
Overall: Good looking jersey, but the equipment and socks throw off of what could be a classic set.
Score: 5 out of 10

Last two, Wheatley Omstead Sharks vs Blenheim Blades

Wheatley Omstead Sharks

The logo is the best ever in this event, it's so good I'm hoping they'll make it permanent shortly. The gold jersey doesn't fit well, while there is navy blue and white are on the jersey but no light blue. Stripes and yoke are well balanced, but the socks need to match with the uniform to make it look complete.
Overall: If they make the gold either silver or light blue this one would be a good looking jersey.
Score: 6 out of 10

Blenheim Blades

The jersey is the Vancouver Canucks old alternate 3rd with just the letter "B" on the front, that's all I can say about it. If they change the logo, nameplate and the numbers from gold to white, then it would barely look different and readable too.
Overall: It's different but not different enough.
Score: 5 out of 10

Well, hope you all not got tortured by this post. Come back next time, and there will be a concept post I promise. Until then, later.

Friday, 4 January 2019

First post 2019 with rants and info!

Hi everybody Alan here for my first post of 2019 here at AJH HJA. Did you all have a good holiday? I did it was alright, work was crazy, but I made it through that's all the matters for me. Got no concepts in hand to show off but I got some rants and info for me to share, let's get to it.

AJH HJA new look
As you can see on this site and many of social media sites I use, I did a makeover on this site. I replaced the green and orange with black and gold the reason is I felt like this site need a fresh look it's been almost 2 years since I change the site look, so it's a long overdue.

HJC Moving forward
As some of you all may have seen on December 27, 2018, was the last day of the site's daily concept. Many people were heartbroken, unhappy, to even lost of words. I had mixed emotions since they announced it, on one side I'm going to miss it which was one of many reasons to head over to that site daily. However, on the other hand, I felt they made the right decision with low numbers of concepts, while their contests still going strong, their jersey news is on the rise, and their Jersey Nerds Podcast is thriving pretty darn well. Yes, the daily concepts are gone, but the site got a bright future ahead of them, and I will keep supporting them all the way.

Welcome to the NHL Seattle
December 4th, 2018 the NHL officially welcomed Seattle as its 32nd franchise, which will begin playing in the 2021-22 season after renovations of the KeyArena are completed. Now with this addition meaning, Seattle will have the same expansion draft rules as the Vegas Golden Knights had it'll be intrusting to see the outcome of this will they go all the way or hit the bottom of the barrel. As for the name, I don't know what their name will be, there are so many unique names out there hopefully Seattle will pick the right name for this hockey team.

Images replacement complete
During 2018, I talked about that I'm replacing the pictures that I used to use from Photobucket well it's done I replace them by using pretty much both Google Photo, and my DeviantArt page. Now I don't have to worry about those stupid 3rd party stuff that cost money to keep my images up.

Plans, plans, plans
As for my concepts, there will be some ideas flowing inside my head that'll sooner or later come out, I just have to take it one concept at a time. My playoff pickz will continue on this site as for feature I don't know what to do, but when the time comes, I'll figure it out.

Well, that's pretty much it. I know this isn't the rant you want it, but it shows that I'm not going anywhere, for now, so I hope you all will have a good run in 2019. Until then, later.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

NHL Adidas Nightmare Concept: Buffalo Sabres

Good evening everyone, Alan here for my final Adidas Nightmare post here at AJH HJA. This post is the cream of the crop of what could have been a decent jersey design, but add the worse logo I’ve ever seen, and you get the Buffalo Sabres.
As you see here pretty much look like the Reebok edge design from the 07-08, but with some tweaks to fit in the Adidas jerseys. I gave the back of the jersey the same vertical stripe treatment as I did to the front, I had to fix the armpit area to make it look like the old RBK design but fittable for Adidas even without the navy stripe between the white and silver I felt like it didn’t need it.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Just to let you all know 2 things. 1: This is my 400th post here at AJH HJA! Never thought I would go this far let alone making concepts. And 2: There won’t be any new posts from here on out as I’m taking a break until January, maybe a Christmas post or a New Year’s Eve post if I have time, and feel like to do it. It is my first break from posting since May of last year; it’s overdue for me. Hope you all enjoy both November and December with everything including Christmas shopping, until then, later. 

Saturday, 27 October 2018

NHL Adidas Nightmare Concept: Edmonton Oilers

Welcome back everybody, Alan here at AJH HJA. Well getting to more nightmare worthy post here this week is short and sweet. It’s the Edmonton Oilers.
Replacing the vertical piping with a thin hem stripe, and use the team’s old 2001-07 alternate font for the numbers.

Well, that’s today post, guess what there is one more post, and that will be this Wednesday on Holloween till then, later.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

NHL Adidas Nightmare Concept: Winnipeg Jets

Hello, Alan here for more concept here at AJH HJA. Remember the Atlanta Thrashers? Well believe it or not they were a team from 1999 to 2011 before they move to Winnipeg to become the Jets. The Reebok edge the Thrashers wore was a nightmare the road was a mess, and the home should’ve stayed as an alternate form during the CCM/KOHO era jersey.
On the powder blue jersey, I use silver over gold, replaced the “ATLANTA” with “WINNIPEG” down the one side of the arm, used a little bit of red on the jersey, and lastly use the Jets current logo minus the maple leaf and just use the word mark logo on the shoulder. The white jersey pretty much nothing to say just replaced a pipping that connects from the collar to the armpit with a thin hem stripe.

Well, this nightmare series is getting more scarier as we hit Halloween, so come back next week, later.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

NHL Adidas Nightmare Concept: Tampa Bay Lightning

Hi everybody, Alan here at AJH HJA. This week nightmare concept is the Tampa Bay Lightning; now their 07-08 design was same as the Sens and the Pens, but it was different witch it was alright some likes it, most hate it I’m one of those that hate it. To think they had such good logos, and they had to put it on those lousy jersey design. Here’s the Lightning.
The set is pretty much the same, but on the white jersey, I switched the blue and black on the arms. I gave the socks the classic treatment.

So this post is done, come back tomorrow for another nightmare post till then later.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

NHL Adidas Nightmare Concept: Colorado Avalanche & Philadelphia Flyers

Hi, I’m back here for another nightmare post here at AJH HJA. Continuing the nightmare with the Colorado Avalanche thinking what if they decide to keep the Reebok edge design for Adidas.
The only difference on this one is I replace the vertical piping with hem stripes; I also brought back the yeti foot logo because the “C” logo looks plain to me.

So this one was short and sweet I decide to throw another nightmare concept.
I’m not going to lie to you all, but I like the Flyers 07-08 Reebok edge set I felt the design is underrated and it could last longer, but sadly that didn’t happen, and I understand why everyone didn’t like the design. I kept it look like the Reebok look, but I only added a trim to the hem to replace the piping that once connects from the collar to the armpit.

And so this post is in the books. I got more nightmare concepts for you all, so stay tuned till then later.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

NHL Adidas Nightmare Concept: New York Islanders

Hello everyone, Alan here for another Saturday post here at AJH HJA! It’s October with all events that are happening around this month but one event that always my favourite “Halloween!” That’s right costumes, candies, horror movies, and many more. Speaking of horror remember the Pens fan request I did the 07-08 set well since I made that it got me wanting to do more and so here we are. All month of October will be nothing but nightmare concepts of the thought of “what if the Reebok edge 07-08 design got carried over to the Adidas.” Well then let’s get to it!
On this one was a nightmare to me because a year after the Islanders drop this design in favour of a classic set my hometown team the Maroons use (and still using) this design. The only change I did to this set is the primary logo, and that’s pretty much it nothing much to explain.

Well, that’s the week post on to the next one till then, later.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Michigan Wolverines concept the 2018 edition

Hi everyone Alan here for another concept post here at AJH HJA. Well the NHL season is just around the corner while lower level hockey leagues from minors to juniors and even college hockey! As they are ready to play the 2018-19 season. Last month HJC held a U of M jersey design contest and you guess it, I put together a set and enter it and just like other competition that I entered I didn't win it but I enjoy it it's my first U of M concept set since I did a U of M vs MSU outdoor game concept and that's almost 4 and half years! It's a long overdue concept making from me so let's get going.

Simple stripes on the arms, hem, and even the socks. The yokes I put on the set is the Boston Bruins yoke design I got a kick out it, and I felt like that it fits with this concept very well to my taste. Front logo is the "M" with a wolverine inside of it just like the outdoor concept I made but with the modern update to it. The shoulder patch it's pretty much helmet logo minus the helmet. Got the big ten logo on the front and NCAA logo on the back hem.

This post is done as well as this month as next week will be October and I got a Holloween theme all ready to go, what it is you'll have to come back here next week to find out, till then later.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Fan Request: Pittsburgh Penguins 3: The Nightmare

Hi everyone Alan here for another Saturday, another week is done, and another post here at AJH HJA.

Well if you read the title indeed this next request is 2007-08 Pens Reebok design this team wore, it's the same design as Ottawa wore also but with tweaks on the hem sides. John also requested this design in Adidas form which it's pretty much the same as the Sens currently wearing with tweaks to at least make it more Pens then the Sens. Just like the 02-03 request the front logo is the robo penguin along with the "P" from the team's wordmark logo on the shoulders. and pretty much the numbers and the nameplate is the same as the two other Pens requests.

Vegas gold version.

Classic gold version.

Well, the Pens fan request is complete, we'll be back to our regular Alan style concept making posting program. Until then later.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Fan Request: Pittsburgh Penguins 2: The revenge

Welcome back everyone to AJH HJA. Part 2 of the Penguins Fan Request concept requested by John O.
Let's get to it, everybody.

Once was an alternate jersey (the black jersey) from 2000 to 2002 then it became the main dark jersey along with a white jersey version as the 2002-03 season began til a bitter end in 2007. As you see the front logo is the robo penguin along with the "P" from the team's wordmark logo on the shoulders. Just like the 92-93 request set both the numbers and nameplate is J-Log Razor Edge Sans small caps with trims.

These are the same but in old gold version.

Well, part 2 is the books, come back here next week for the 3rd and final part of the Pens fan request. Until then later.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Fan Request: Pittsburgh Penguins

Hello everyone Alan here for another post here at AJH HJA.
Fan Request, by John O. Pittsburgh Penguins, but for the first time in a baggy template my kind of a template that he let me now use! Nothing more to say let's get going.

The design is based on the Pittsburgh Penguins 92-93 white jersey in both Reebok and Adidas form along with the team's infamous Robo penguin logo on the front and on the shoulder. The fonts for both numbers and nameplate is J-Log Razor Edge Sans small caps with trims. 1st row it's just the team's 92-93 design with the curve hem stripes treatment. 2nd row the same but both gold and black switch roles. 3rd row it's actually based on the team's unused jersey. 4th-row gold jersey, enough said.

Same on these but with vegas gold.

Well, you think that's all John O. requested well you haven't seen other posts he requested, so come over next week for part 2 until then later.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Hot Rodding the Caps Part 2

Hi folks Alan here for another Saturday post here at AJH HJA. I'm going straight to part 2 right now!

Just like last week that I hot rod the Caps with the light blue, black, bronze colours on the caps current jersey design, on this one, it's the team's old light blue, black, bronze era jersey design in the Caps current colour set. I really like this set for some odd reason I guess that with the right jersey design and the right colours can make a good set these are in my opinion the best Caps concept I've ever made. Oh OK, maybe not because I made only 3 Caps concepts so far but at least I made them that's all the matters to me.
Alright, that's this week post, come by next week for the return of Fan Request by John O. Until then, later.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Hot Rodding the Caps Part 1

Hi everyone Alan here for another Saturday post here at AJH HJA. If you all remember the Washington Capitals Fan Request Concept around 2 months ago that I made for John O. well funny story I was working on them and I realized that I accidentally put them on the new Adidas template, so I quickly fix it. So, after that, I didn’t delete them, so I decided to give them a “Hot Rod” treatment now you all thinking hot rod? Well, I try to come up with something professional and/or fun, so I came up with hot rod just work with me on this one it’s random I know.
Now that out of the way here’s the Caps fan request hot rod edition.

Using the Caps current Adidas design recolored to their old light blue, black, and bronze era colours with two tweaks the first I gave the arms on the back of the jerseys the same treatment as the front, while the second add stripes on the hems and there you go.

Part 1 is in the books come by here next week for part 2 until then later.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Top 31 NHL 2017-18 jerseys: top 10!

Hello, everyone Alan here for the final part of my top 31 NHL 2017-18 set here at AJH HJA. Let’s not waste any time and finish this baby off.

10. Montreal Canadiens
Source: NHL Uniform Database
One of those teams that had designs on their jerseys that are untouchable which I’m ok with it. Sadly, the only issue I have a beef with is the collar, they did alright with the home but the road they miss the mark with it if they made the white blue then I could be alright with the set.

9. Detroit Red Wings
Source: NHL Uniform Database
To some, it’s plain old same old design, but to me, it’s a classic, the logo is beautiful, the stripes are good. The thing I would like to see improvement from this pretty much add laces to the collars put the stadium series “D” logo on the shoulders, and update the wordmark logo on the helmets and this set will be in my mind can sit in the top 3.

8. Chicago Blackhawks
Source: NHL Uniform Database
Their set is classic and well earned to be in my top 10 list, the collar is the issue I got beef with that kept it away from being in the top 5 if they fix the collar up with the addition of laces this one would be a winner.

7. Los Angeles Kings
Source: NHL Uniform Database
To many, it’s not the greatest but they are my favourite. The design of the jerseys is nice, I like the font on the numbers it really fits the team’s theme very well. If they just make the crown as the main logo and put the “LA” on the shoulders this set would easily be on my top 5 no ifs or buts about it.

6. Winnipeg Jets
Source: NHL Uniform Database
To tell you all the truth I really love this set it got good stripes, modern fonts for both letters and numbers, and the logos fit the team very well. I got nothing to say anything bad about it. Well besides the collars that is.

5. St. Louis Blues
Source: NHL Uniform Database
The Blue went from having a one-hit wonder set from 2007 to 2014 to a set that really fit the team very well, as they carried over to Adidas with some additions to the jerseys, it’s clean and sharp and kept the blue and navy blue apart from each other. Overall a darn good set for the Blues.

4. Toronto Maple Leafs
Source: NHL Uniform Database
The collars are bad that’s understandable, but the jerseys they got is excellent, the stripes are nicely well placed, the numbers and nameplate fonts are very traditional, and lastly the logo it’s the best old school/upgrade that this team needed in a long time. The only thing I felt that they should bring back the shoulder patch they wore from 2010 to 2016 if they brought that back this set would be a winner in my book despite how much I hate this team.

3. New York Rangers
Source: NHL Uniform Database
Another team with a classic set that in general untouchable with their nameplate vertically arched like Detroit but with their famous drop shadow trim that works so nicely, one of those team that can pull off wordmark logo on the front jersey very well, and the colours are fantastic. Just another classic team with a classic look that doesn’t need any change to it.

2. Pittsburgh Penguins
Source: NHL Uniform Database
The Pens had one of worst set from 2007 to 2016 it was painful to even with two winter classic alternate weren’t enough to help them until they brought out the classic set base on the team’s Stanley Cup run from 1988 to 1992 with a hem fix on the road it’s a wonderful set and it carried over to Adidas very well despite the collar issue it didn’t hurt the set enough to be on my top 3.

And the number 1 of my top 31 2017-18 NHL Jersey is
1. Boston Bruins
Source: NHL Uniform Database
This set is somewhat same as the Reebok era but thanks to Adidas the set works so well, the yokes on the Adidas is better then the Reebok set, both the letters and numbers may have now just one trim but it’s more readable than the Reebok one, lastly, they kept it classic and full with their collars not like one those half colour collar like most other teams got. Oh, another thing, remember their old Reebok 3rd jerseys that got black socks to go along with them? Well, the home jersey got them replacing their historic gold socks with black and the home jersey looked more complete then ever and that’s why this team is number 1 of my top 31.

So that’s my what do you’ll think do you guys agreed or disagreed with me what’s your top 31 or at least top 10. Come back next week for more concepts both by me and requested until then, later.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Top 31 NHL 2017-18 jerseys 20 to 11

Hi, Alan here at AJH HJA. Welcome to part 2 of my top 31 2017-18 NHL Season set. Let’s get to 20 to 11.

20. Minnesota Wild
Source: NHL Uniform Database
This set had potential written all over it but not digging the home jersey, but the road I like it since they replaced the old road jersey, but the red numbers hold the back from me loving it. The only thing that this set can make me put them on the top of my is using the old wild number font on both jerseys, there I said it ok I can’t help it I love them it fits this team good.

19. San Jose Sharks
Source: NHL Uniform Database
Another set transitioned to Adidas even with changes to the shoulder patch it just doesn’t help it at all period.

18.  Colorado Avalanche
Source: NHL Uniform Database
After 10 years the Avalanche finally brought back the mountain stripes at long last. I’m cool with the new font on numbers but the lack of trims makes it too plain for me. The  "C" from the Colorado state flag replaced the yeti foot logo was a bad move in my book. Overall great makeover but those two things kept me from putting these set on a higher rank for me.

17. Philadelphia Flyers
Source: NHL Uniform Database
A classic set being carried over to Adidas it’s a nice set and all, but I prefer their classic set from 1982 to 2007 (1982 to 2001 for the orange jersey) that would be awesome to see along with their black jersey they wore from 1997 to 2007 as a 3rd jersey that’s a winner right there and we don’t have to see those off-colour nameplates that had been an eye shore for me and everyone else too.

16. Vegas Golden Knights
Source: NHL Uniform Database
I’m surprised that they pulled off with steel grey as the team’s main colour it works mostly with the helmet. But I felt the red ruins the jerseys it’s just doesn’t work for me on the jerseys. If they move the black on the arms to the cuffs for the home, while move the steel grey on the arms to the cuffs on the road and I think we got a winner.

15. Dallas Stars
Source: NHL Uniform Database
Even thou I wasn’t a fan of this set at first but it kind of grew on me, however, if they would replace their shoulder patch with their Texas logo, and add black trims around the letters and numbers this one would be the best.

14. Edmonton Oilers
Source: NHL Uniform Database
I’m ok with orange as the team’s main colour, I’m ok with replacing royal blue with navy blue, but I’m “NOT” ok with the design on the arms, and the hem it looks lazy compared to their previous set. The only thing I can let it slide is the equipment it helps balance the colours out with ease. Overall if they kept the stripes from their previous set this one would be rank higher.

13. Vancouver Canucks
Source: NHL Uniform Database
Same good-looking set but three things that would get them on my top 10. 1. Remove the “Vancouver” wordmark off the jerseys. 2. Replace the whale with the updated stick in the rink logo. 3. On the home, they should use the team’s Reebok alternate jersey over the home jersey that they got. And you got what could be a perfect set.

12. Florida Panthers
Source: NHL Uniform Database
A chest stripe on just the front and none in the back is alright, if they brought back the leaping panther logo, move the patches to the shoulders, and place the numbers on the sleeves it would be an ok set.

11. New York Islanders
Source: NHL Uniform Database
This set would drop down lower but with adding blue trim around the logo on the road jersey made this set complete, but the history of poor jersey designs to a bad brand overshadows it. If they keep this set untouched to hopefully don’t screw up (more likely) with the 3rd I can see this set be in the top 10 in the future.

Well, there you go part 2 is in the books. Hopefully, I’ll try to get part 3 put together because it’s the hardest one yet to this date I mean these ten sets are nice all but I just can’t make my mind up on which one should be number ten to number one. So it ain’t easy but I’ll figure it out until then, later.