Tuesday, 25 April 2017

2017 NHL Playoff Pickz: Round 1 review, Round 2 picks, and fan request concept.

Hi everyone Alan here for my round 1 review, Flames fan request concepts, and my picks for round 2! Let's not waste time and get this going.

Western Conference

1) Chicago vs WC2) Nashville
My pick: Hawks in 5 games
Result: Preds wins in 4 games
My thoughts: I have a feeling that the fall of the Hawks have started.

2) Minnesota vs 3) St. Louis
My pick: Blues in 7 games
Result: Blues wins it in 5 games
My thoughts: I was hoping for a good series all the way to 7 but the Wild didn't played well.

1) Anaheim vs WC1) Calgary
My pick: Ducks in 6 games
Result: Ducks swept the Flames in 4 games.
My thoughts: I know Calgary got problems with Anaheim but man this is worst.

2) Edmonton vs 3) San Jose
My pick: Oilers in 6 games
Result: Oilers wins it in 6 games.
My thoughts: Got this one right it was a gamble for me but the Oilers pulled it off.

Eastern Conference
1) Montreal vs (WC1) NY Rangers
My pick: Habs in 6 games
Result: Rangers wins it in 6 games
My thoughts: I thought the got this in the bag, but I was wrong.

2) Ottawa vs 3) Boston
My pick: Bruins in 5 games
Result: Sens moves on in 6 games.
My thoughts: Boy, I was soooo wrong on this series.

1) Washington vs WC2) Toronto
My pick: Caps in 4 games
Result: Caps takes it in 6 games
My thoughts: Caps may not get the sweeper but at least they got the series.

2) Pittsburgh vs 3) Columbus
My pick: Pens in 6 games
Result: Pens wins in 5 games
My thoughts: Everyone I know said the Blue Jackets are going to either beat the Pens or give them a hard time, guess not.

Before I show you all my picks here's another Calgary Flames fan request concept.

Now on this one John O request that the design from the dark jersey to be white, while the design on the white jersey to be dark. So here's the result.

Now that out of the way here's my picks for Round 2.

Western Conference

3) St. Louis vs WC2) Nashville
My pick: Blues in 5 games

1) Anaheim vs 2) Edmonton
My pick: Ducks in 6 games

Eastern Conference

2) Ottawa vs (WC1) NY Rangers
My pick: Rangers in 7 games

1) Washington vs 2) Pittsburgh
My pick: Pens in 6 games

Well there you go that's all for now see you all in round 3.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

2017 NHL Playoff Pickz

Hello everyone Alan here, is that time of year again the NHL Playoffs are here are you all ready? I am, but first before the picks here's another Calgary Flames fan request concept, request by John O.

Once again is the Flames old 1995-2000 set in Reebok form with a black alternate jersey, but the deference is the front logo and the shoulder patch logo are switched and the nameplate is the Flames current fonts.

Well it's time for round 1 picks by me.

Western Conference

1) Chicago vs WC2) Nashville
My pick: Hawks in 5 games

2) Minnesota vs 3) St. Louis
My pick: Blues in 7 games

1) Anaheim vs WC1) Calgary
My pick: Ducks in 6 games

2) Edmonton vs 3) San Jose
My pick: Oilers in 6 games

Eastern Conference
1) Montreal vs WC1) NY Rangers
My pick: Habs in 6 games

2) Ottawa vs 3) Boston
My pick: Bruins in 5 games

1) Washington vs WC2) Toronto
My pick: Bring out your brooms the Caps in 4 games

2) Pittsburgh vs 3) Columbus
My pick: Pens in 6 games

Well that's my pick until then see you all in round 2, later.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Request to post a concept before the Playoffs!

Hi everyone, Alan here for my 3rd post of 2017 here on AJH HJA! I’m going right straight to with my thoughts on things in the NHL and other stuff.

The Streak is over
In the 2014 WWE Wrestlemania The Undertaker streak ended by Brock Lensar. This year after 25 years the Detroit Red Wings playoff appearance streak is over as they didn’t play well, but the only good part about this is they didn’t play like the Colorado Avalanche this year “man that wasn’t pretty.” They will get as least a good pick at this year draft.

Oilers going Orange all the way.
The Oilers are going to the playoffs for the first time since 2006 so what the team do for the playoffs? Well the Oilers higher ups announced that starting at this year playoffs that the team will be wearing their orange jerseys and more likely next season home games. I'm a fan of the Oilers orange jersey but promoting it from alternate to home is not the way to go it's feels like it got that Calgary Flames vibe going on, but will see maybe the higher ups will think twice after this year playoffs.

Well that’s my quick rants, on to once again a fan request concept by John O. This time it’s the Oilers rival the Calgary Flames. This request is the Flames old 1995-2000 set in Reebok form.

These featuring 3 things. 1: It featuring the flaming horse logo on the shoulders. 2: The nameplate font is J-LOG Starkwood Sans. 3: We got a black alternate jersey.

For this years, Playoffs Pickz I’m going just straight to picks instead of explaining of team’s info I felt it’s time consuming to put many stuff together in so little time that’s all I’m making a change to it until if I get the time, and the feel to do some reviews from the rounds. Also at the same time I’ll be posting some more Flames fan request concepts requested by John O.
Well that’s all I got to write about here the next post will be my annual “NHL Playoff Pickz” until then, later.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Just posting some infos

Hi everyone Alan here for my 2nd post of 2017, I’ve been busy with my NHL Adidas series and cleaning up over at my grandma’s house so it’ll be ready to be up for sale so in other words I’m multi tasking ha ha ha.

Now first up my logo, as you can see instead of “AJH 2017” it’s “AJH FTW 2017” the reason is because I’m celebrating my 5th year of having my DeviantArt page. Once I’m done with my NHL Adidas series I’ll be uploading them to my DA page then I’ll post them here after this year NHL playoffs.
If you like the fonts I used on my logo go to the links page under “Fonts from John O.” he has two links containing fonts made by him with many fonts he made, go check out.

Now the next thing is the template. I’m using the same template that I now used since late last year made by Steven Grant Design, however ever since Adidas showed off their jerseys at the World Cup of Hockey with that collar design that they made, I had to check out if there any templates around and there are some but nothing close to the templates I use, so I decided to make the collar that looks like the Adidas collar and I must say it’s not perfect but it’s sure darn close to it. I will tweak some collars to fit the teams look. 

Also, I remember a story about the New York Rangers not liking the Reebok curve hem tails that they got the bottom of the jerseys hemmed to make it look straight, thanks to that I think it’ll worth my wild to do straight hem tails for the Rangers, after that I decided to do that on some, not all, just some other teams that’s all.

Well, that’s my post. My next post before the playoffs maybe an fan request concept post if I get the chance to finish it. Until then, later.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Request to explain

Hi Everyone Alan here for my first post of 2017 here at AJH HJA. I’ll explain of the reason why for the lack of posts since late November, in early November I got everything all ready and all my posts is set up, scheduled to be posted everything is going as planned so well that I worked on my new project that involves with NHL and Adidas. On Nov 6, 2016, my grandmother passed away peacefully it hit me hard it really hit me emotionally and it threw me off badly I had a hard time trying to get back on track with my concepts. In first week of December almost a month after my grandmother’s passing I got an e-mail from John O. for another concept request, to me it’s just what I needed to get my mind off things that’s been hitting me emotionally and with that I got the request done for him and he love it. So, today’s concept is the New York Rangers Fan Request concept.

This one is indeed a classic pre-edge Lady Liberty design in Reebok cut form. Front logo, shoulder patch is indeed the same as the classic, but two things that are different. 1st I put the shoulder patch logo on the helmet, and 2nd the fonts for both numbers and nameplate is J-Log Rebellion Sans Small Caps custom made by you guess it John O.

Well with concept done and thanks to the request I’m slowly getting back on track of my NHL Adidas series project I won’t be posting them until I get all 31 teams made. Now for quick note if anyone questions it I have been uploading some of my concepts on my Deviantart page I’m still uploading some of my concepts on my Photobucket page as well but the reason is I felt like I haven’t pay much attention to my Deviantart page so I decide to upload more of my concepts on that page to show that page isn’t dead while my Photobucket page I just uploading so far just fan request concepts. So once my NHL Adidas series is done, I’ll be uploading them on to my Deviantart page with its own gallery just like my OHL series, and my IIHF series. Other note to add is I’ve updated my Links page well it’s not a big one just adding links to John’s pages one is his FFont page, and the other Dafonts page if you want new fonts check out those pages.

Will there be any non-concept posts? Depends on how I feel like ranting I might try to do a jersey review post but don’t hold your breath just in case.
Well that’s all I can do for now, until then later.

In Memory
Audrey Hunter (Nan)

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Request to have more blues

Hi Everyone Alan here for part 3 of the “Requested Month” here at the AJH HJA. Once again it’s the St. Louis Blues fan request concept now in set form. If you want know what it’s based on go check part 2 and it’ll explain it for you. Here are two set. The first set featured blue as the main color, and the second set got navy blue as the main color.

Well that’s it. That’s the “Requested month” hope you all enjoy it. if you want this font or any other fonts made by John O. go over to his "FFonts" page, and his "Dafont" page. For now I’m getting ready for Christmas. Until then, later.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Request to have the blues number 1

Hi everyone Alan here for part 2 of the “Requested Month” here at AJH HJA. The next request that John O. asked is the St. Louis Blues, there were 3 different format colors on the numbers on both blue and navy blue while the white only got two so on this post will feature both set of blue jerseys, and navy blue.

The jersey look is based on the Blues old set from 1995 to 1998 even the numbers got the follow the stripes look. Unlike the classic set that had red on the jerseys this one got the team’s current colors which thank goodness John ask for the current color over any red on the Blues because in my opinion red is an overrated color for the Blues period. The numbers and the nameplate font are “J-LOG Rebellion Sans Small Caps.”

Well that’s part 2 of the “Requested Month” see you all next week.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Request for an oil change

Hi everyone, Alan here at AJH HJA. For the past couple of months, I took 3 concept requests by John O. with that just like in October with Icethetics month, this month it’s all requested month. In this post is the Edmonton Oilers fan request concept.

See the resemblance? Indeed, it’s the Oilers classic from 1997 to 2007, the only difference is the letters and the numbers are the Oilers old alternate fonts from 2001 to 2007.

Well that’s pretty much it, nothing to explain more about it, till then see you all next week for more “Requested Month.”

Monday, 31 October 2016

A stinging effect

Hello everybody Alan here for last part of the Icethetics month here at AJH HJA. This jersey was part of a contest Icethetics ran for the ECHL South Carolina Stingrays that they celebrating 25 anniversary season this year and looking for both an anniversary logo, and an anniversary jersey. I didn’t enter the logo contest, but I did enter the jersey contest and pretty much the same fate as my other two IceHL set it didn’t became a winner. However I felt enjoyable in entering these kind of contests so here it is my South Carolina Stingrays 25th Anniversary Jersey.

Using simple Blue Jackets current jersey form with curved half arm stripes. Standard block with odd corners along with Anaheim Ducks current letters for the nameplate. Navy blue is the main color followed by silver, red and white. Lastly I added three solid silver Stingrays logos to symbolizing their 3 Kelly Cup titles they won.

Well that’s Icethetics month hope you enjoy it, there’ll be more posts coming this November until then Happy Halloween everyone.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Playing 21, I got 23

Hi everyone Alan here for part 2 of my Icethetics month here at AJH HJA. Let’s not waste time and get to it with another IceHL team I made for the contest from this year summer. 
Today is the Atlantic City Aces.

Using 2 stripes with spades patters on the arms, and a single on the hem, pants, and socks. I even put a spade on the collar. The logo may have Vegas gold but I left it out on the jersey because I feel that it didn’t need gold on the jerseys just blue and red that’s all. I use the Winnipeg Jets current letters for the nameplate, and use the Pittsburgh Penguins classic rounded font for the numbers.

Well part 2 is done, see you all next week for part 3. Until then, later.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Going green with a hint of pink

Hi everyone, Alan here for today’s edition of AJH HJA. This month is the Icethetics month, meaning I got three posts base on contests that I entered from Icethetics to the IceHL, to even an ECHL contest. In this is one of my IceHL set that I entered in the jerseys contest and just my other entrees it didn’t became a winner.

So here is the Florida Flamingos.
Pretty much the same design as my Montreal Wanderers concept but with different collar design. I made green as the main color follow by pink, and gold. The curves on the jerseys makes the logo look complete in my mind. Using the Columbus Blue Jackets fonts for nameplate, and the San Jose Sharks old pre-edge fonts for the numbers.

Well that’s my first of three posts I’m doing this month till then, see ya next week. 

Sunday, 25 September 2016

What a Wanderer(ful) day

Hi everybody, Alan here for another edition of the AJH HJA. I’m just going straight to the concept here, today is the Montreal Wanderers one of one year wonder team. Back in 2014 I made one for the HJC NHA contest, so it’s been awhile but thanks to HJC to bring in another contest involve Montreal Wanderers I made another concept.

I made burnt orange as the main color follow by black, and silver. The arms, hem, and even the yoke stripes are curved, the only stripe that is straight is the socks. The logos are the Wanderers old shield shape with trims, with an “M” and a “W” with two different fonts. The “W” is the UConn font, and the “M” is the Edmonton Oilers old alternate font. The front logo both the “W” and the “M” are space apart from each other while the shoulder logo both the “M” and the “W” are together. Both nameplate and the numbers are UConn font.

HJC Feedback

Well that is today post, hope you enjoy this week I hope my goes well, until then later.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

It’s all about the me... Uh I mean the U!

Hi everyone Alan here on AJH HJA. Today is an NCAA hockey concept featuring a university school that doesn’t have a hockey program none other than one of my favorite NCAA schools the University of Miami aka the U.

The set is based on the Canes old classic football set from 1999 to 2003. The only different on this concept is the collar, half orange, half green with white trim and the “U” logo.

This is the orange version just like the set but only in orange. I put two helmets with this concept I had a hard time picking ether green helmet, or orange helmet.

HJC Feedback

Note this is my last concept using this style template I used since 2015, from this point on I'm using a new template from Steven Grant Design page witch I've been using since I made the Atlanta Thrashers concept.

Well that’s the post for today, but before I go check out John O's FFonts page, and his Dafont page for some of his goodies! Also if you want to be part of a Fantasy Hockey league than this fantasy league is for you made by Ricky M. Until then later.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Request to come back

Hello everybody, I'm back and what a summer I had. Long story short, in July I helped my sister move out of her old place to her new home. August I played my first Road Hockey league season great experience, still playing in the league and hopefully will lead to a decent season out of it.

With that aside time for some concepts, a “Request concepts!” Once again by John O. This time it’s the San Jose Sharks. Believe me folks this one is a big one, a total of 22 jerseys! There were so many I lost track of thru the progress, there were jerseys that look alike but there are small details on each jerseys that makes them different so here are 4 groups, a group of white jerseys, a group of teal jersey, a group of black jerseys, and lastly a first a group of grey jerseys.

After that I found three jerseys that look good enough to make it as the set.

The home and road set is based on the Sharks old pre edge alternate jersey but with the Sharks current alternate logo along with the “SJ” logo on the shoulders, arm stripes is the same as the old pre edge but filled the cuffs area to give that different look vibe to it. Colors on numbers are as followed the way he ask for, on the white jersey is teal, grey trim, and black outer trim. On the teal jersey its black, grey trim, and white outer trim.

The alternate fan request jersey is based on the Sharks old pre edge dark jersey. This one was not an easy task mainly because on the old pre edge dark jersey it had no shoulder patches what so ever and trying to put the shoulder logo with the numbers to go with it is a hard task, but with putting on the old pre edge dark jersey I was able to lower the numbers down so the arms doesn’t look too cluttered with both shoulders patches and numbers together. Using the current logo for the front, and the team’s current alternate logo on the shoulders. The colors he ask for numbers are black, with teal trim, and white outer trim.

Well that’s today post hope you all glad for me to be back, hopefully to get back and stay on track. Until then, later.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Requesting to take a break.

Hi everyone Alan here at AJH HJA. Just like last year I’m taking a summer break from this site, and hopefully unlike last year I’ll get back on track this September. I got a lot of goodies on this post to get to, so let’s get to it.

Penguins wins the Stanley Cup!

First up I would like to congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins on winning the Stanley Cup as they beat the San Jose Sharks in 6 games, witch I’m disappointed that it didn’t end in 5 I felt like the Sharks use their last litres of gas in them for nothing, but in the end the Pens got the job done and claim their 4th Stanley Cup title and for 4th time they won it on the road.

Hockey comes to Las Vegas
Well its official, Las Vegas is getting a hockey team. This has been a heavy rumored about it pretty much a long time. The word is the team name will be called the “Black Knights” others said it’s should be called something else who knows we’ll wait till October to see if they reviled the official name. That means once again Quebec got jib out of the expansion, man this city just can’t catch a break, hopefully they’ll get a team ether expansion, or relocation if our Canadian dollar stop sucking bad.

Remember my Atlanta Thrashers concept, well I made some tweaks on that concept mainly on the arm stripes, I cut off the arrows stripes and fix the some stripes here and there and that’s all.
Now we get to the request concept once again made by John O. You may remember him from his past requests as the “Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series” concept, the “Ottawa Senators Concept” and the “Toronto Maple Leafs Boston style concept.” This time it’s the St. Louis Blues. This one is a Blues classic pre-edge uniform (1998-2007) in Reebok edge form, but only difference is the numbers and nameplates gets a J-LOG Rebellion Sans Small Caps font custom made by John O. Before I started to work on it I show him the new templates I saw that I really like and I ask him, well really I was hoping he was cool with it but it didn’t happen but oh well I try my best. Anyways it’s a theme of what if the jerseys look like in different ways within blue, gold, and navy blue, from his liking to my oops.  So instead of posting them by Home, Road, Alternate set style I decided to post them in groups, one all white jerseys, one in blue jerseys, and one in navy blue.
White Jerseys
Blue Jerseys
Navy Blue Jersey

Before I go there was sad news everywhere in hockey world that we lost a legend, on June the 10th we the hockey world lost Gordie Howe. He was all-time greats, Hall of Famer, and in my opinion the man that put the Detroit Red Wings on the map! We the Hockey fans are going to miss you Gordie.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Atlanta Thrashers concept 4: The 5th anniversary

Hi everyone Alan here for a rant, and a concept in one post, today it’s the Atlanta Thrashers.

5 years ago on this day the club was sold to True North Sports & Entertainment and move to Winnipeg to become the Jets. Even thou I’m happy the Winnipeg got an NHL team back but at the same time I was bitter about it because around the same time as Thrashers had ownership problems but also the Phoenix Coyotes (now Arizona) had it much worse then what the Thrashers had, I mean the Thrashers had better chance of getting a better owners then the Coyotes and they share the same arena with other sport club (NBA’s Atlanta Hawks) for crying out loud but sadly the NHL choose the Coyotes over the Thrashers. After 12 years of this team’s time in the NHL with only 1 division title in 2006-07 season not only bad rosters, bad managements, bad fans supports was their downfall, but also their jerseys would take a downfall as well. Let’s take a look at the jerseys timeline, with my thoughts about the jerseys. All images are from NHLUniforms Database.

1999-2003: The team’s first set was right off the bat my favorite set! Arrows on the hem, and on the collar was unique, and the arms was different and fits the team. Lastly the logos both the bird and the “T” logo are equally good. I own a dark jersey and enjoy that jersey.

2003-2006: In 2003 the team presented us an over the top alternate jersey that totally threw concept minds out the window! For me it was so Atlanta Thrashers with the word “ATLANTA” vertically down on the left sleeve it can’t go any more far then that. Of course I own the alternate jersey and I like it, it’s one those jerseys that should remain to be just an alternate.

2006-07: Sadly the asymmetrical alternate jersey becomes the team's new home jersey, replacing the team’s first dark jersey was a bad move in my mind because it was their identity and the asymmetrical jersey should remain to be an alternate.

2007-08: It’s bad enough that the asymmetrical jersey carried over to Reebok Edge system but they got rid of the arrow hem stripe and replace it with vertical side penal on the side the jersey, it’s O.K. but without the arrow stripes it’s not my cup of tea. Even thou on the white jersey has the arrows on collar but replacing the arrows hem with vertical piping it’s a no, no for me.

2008-11: In 2008 the Thrashers present their alternate jersey that pretty much a football theme jersey, got the wordmark arched with front numbers, a bird head logo on the shoulders, and a terrible sock design. The jersey could be an alright alternate jersey but it would be better if it was navy blue instead of maroon.

So my top 6 Atlanta Thrashers Jerseys (images from sportslogos.net)

6. 2008 alternate jersey
5. 2007 white jersey
4.2007 light blue jersey
3. 2003 light blue alternate jersey
2. 1999 white jersey
1. 1999 navy blue jersey
Now with that out of the way today I got myself a concept. Well make that 2, one is an entry to the HJC contest, the other with some stripes fix.
This concept is base on my previous Thrashers concept, but making the bird logo as the main logo on both jerseys while the "T" logo stays on the shoulders and on the helmets.

Same as the other set but fix the stripes on the arms, hem, and on the pants.

Well that's today post. I got one more but that'll be posted until after the Stanley Cup Finals, it'll be a rant and a requested concepts in one. Til then, later.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

2016 NHL Playoff Pickz: Stanley Cup Finals

Hi everyone, Alan here for my last “Playoff Pickz” post. Let’s get to round 3 review.

Tampa Bay Lightning (A2) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (M2)
My pick: Pens beat the Bolts in 6 games
Result: Pens beat the Bolts in 7 games
Thoughts: Those Bolts seem to be a pain in the butt to push this series to 7.

St. Louis Blues (C2) vs. San Jose Sharks (P3)
My pick: Blues beat the Sharks in 5 games
Result: Sharks beat the Blues in 6 games
Thoughts: I said the Sharks would choke this series, but instead it’s the Blues that choked this series.

Well it’s time for the Stanley Cup Finals! The Pittsburgh Penguins making their 5th appearance in the team history, and the San Jose Sharks the least likely team you don’t expect be in but here they are their 1st ever appearance to the Finals. One question, who will win?
My Pick: Pens beats the Sharks in 5 games.

Well there you go my final pick to end this brutal playoffs, I guess my picks could be better if any Canadian teams were in the playoffs this year. As for this site I’m going for at least 2 more posts and just like last year I taking a summer off from this site, what am I doing during my summer break? Well beside work as usually, I just sign up to play a Road Hockey League, as my way of taking a break from Flag Football that I’ve been playing it since 2011, I decided to give my sport life a change so why not. As for getting in concept contest wise nothing too big I have decided to not enter this year “HJC Open” I felt burned out last year even thou I lost in the 2nd round but I think skipping this will do good for me. But come August the Icethetics IceHL contest I will be ready for that one, once the new logos comes I’ll be able to put together and enter them jersey sets of my and hopes for the best one of them would be a winner.
Until then, later.

Friday, 13 May 2016

2016 NHL Playoff Pickz: Round 3

Hi everyone Alan here for another edition of the “Playoff Pickz!” Before we get to the review I would like to thank you all for making my 5th anniversary posts a hit, I know I should have done that sooner but I was in a hurry to post my round 2 picks. As speaking of round 2 here’s my review.

Tampa Bay Lightning (A2) vs. New York Islanders (WC1)
My pick: Bolts beats the Islanders in 6 games
Result: Bolts beats the Islanders in 5 games
Thoughts: I knew the Bolts would beat the Islanders but I didn’t expect it in 5 games

Washington Capitals (M1) vs Pittsburgh Penguins (M2)
My pick: Caps over the Pens in 7 games
Result: Pens beat the Caps in 6 games
Thoughts: Didn’t expect the series to end 6 game let alone the Caps losing to the Pens.

 Dallas Stars (C1) vs. St. Louis Blues (C2)
My pick: Stars over the Blues in 6
Result: Blues beat the Stars in 7 games
Thoughts: The Blues has the depth which I didn’t expect they were good enough to beat the Stars.

San Jose Sharks (P3) vs. Nashville Predators (WC1)
My pick: Sharks beat Preds in 5
Result: Sharks wins it in 7 games
Thoughts: I know the Sharks got this series but come on guys, 7 games really?

Well time for my round 3 picks.

Eastern Conference
Tampa Bay Lightning (A2) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (M2)
TBL: Without Stamkos this team would be done for, but they got good depth to help them along the way.
PIT: They got the right players playing on the right lines, to even the right goalie to play in net. This team can go deep.
Overall: This one is a good match up but star power wise the Pens got this one despite with Phil Kessel on their team.
My pick: Pens beat the Bolts in 6 games

Western Conference
 St. Louis Blues (C2) vs. San Jose Sharks (P3)
STL: Blues got a darn good depth, this team really shows that they are ready to go to the finals!
SJS: The last time this team been in the Conference finals they choke.
Overall: Which one will choke first?
My pick: Blues beat the Sharks in 5 games

Well that’s my see you all at my next post for my Stanley Cup final pick till then, later.

Friday, 29 April 2016

2016 NHL Playoff Pickz: Round 2

Hi everyone Alan here for Round 2 of my "2016 NHL Playoff Pickz" but first round 1 review and it ain't pretty for me!

Florida Panthers (A1) vs. New York Islanders (WC1)
My pick: Panthers beat Islanders in 5 games.
Result: Islanders beat Florida in 6 games
Thoughts: Like most top seeded teams they played well in the season, but played awful in the playoffs when the lower seeded teams takes an opportunity. 

Tampa Bay Lightning (A2) vs. Detroit Red Wings (A3)
My pick: Wings beat the Bolts in 6 games
Result: Bolts beat the Wings in 5
Thoughts: It's bad for the Wings to lose in 7 to the Bolts with Stamkos last year, but lose in 5 to the Bolts without Stamkos it's more sadder.

Washington Capitals (M1) vs Philadelphia Flyers (WC2)
My pick: Caps beat the Flyers in 6 games
Result: Caps beat the Flyers in 6 games
Thoughts: "Oh my goodness!" I got it right! 

New York Rangers (M3) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (M2)
My pick: Pens over the Rangers in 7 games
Result: Pens beats the Rangers in 5 games
Thoughts: I expected this series to go all the way but the Rangers didn't got what it takes. 

Dallas Stars (C1) vs. Minnesota Wild (WC2)
My pick: Stars beat the Wild in 6
Result: Stars beat the Wild in 6
Thoughts: "Holy smokes!" Another series I got it right. 

St. Louis Blues (C2) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (C3)
My pick:  Hawks beats the Blues in 5 games
Result: Blues beat the Hawks in 7 games
Thoughts: The Blues "Finally" beat Chicago, and ruined my pick thanks Blues.

Anaheim Ducks (P1) vs. Nashville Predators (WC1)
My pick: Ducks over the Preds in 6 games
Results: Preds beat the Ducks in 7 games
Thoughts: Shocked that the Ducks lost to the Preds, nuff said.

Los Angeles Kings (P2) vs. San Jose Sharks (P3)
My pick: LA sweeps the Sharks in 4 games
Result: Sharks beats the Kings in 5
Thoughts: Man who would thought that missing the playoffs last year can change the team so badly.

And now my Round 2 picks.

Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay Lightning (A2) vs. New York Islanders (WC1)
TBL: The team surprisingly played well without Stamkos, hopefully this team keeps going.
NYI: They took out one top seeded team, will they do it again?
Overall: This one is a tough call, but I know who, and how long.
My pick: Bolts beats the Islanders in 6 games

Washington Capitals (M1) vs Pittsburgh Penguins (M2)

WSH: The Caps played well in the 1st round, but this team needs to to play even better.
PIT: The Pens gave the Rangers an early exit, but they will have a hard time with this one.
Overall: I feel an even match here, and this one is a 7 games series but who will choke first?
My pick: Caps over the Pens in 7 games

Western Conference

Dallas Stars (C1) vs. St. Louis Blues (C2)

DAL: The Stars things right in their end, can they keep it up?
STL: The Blues made this year playoffs a "anybody's ball game!"
Overall: The Blues may have beat the Blackhawks, but the Stars got this one.
My pick: Stars over the Blues in 6

San Jose Sharks (P3) vs. Nashville Predators (WC1)

SJS: They prove me wrong, will they prove me wrong again?
NSH: The Preds pulled an upset over a top seeded team, will they do it again?
Overall: I see the Sharks moving on but in a hard way.
My pick: Sharks beat Preds in 5

Well that's my picks. Before I go, for all concept artist out there that looking for new templates then check out Steven Grant Design, from the creator of  SG-94 got some new template goodies over at his new site, give it a try. Until then see you all at round 3

Saturday, 23 April 2016

AJH HJA 5th anniversary: Gradient Gem

Hi everyone, Alan here for part 2 of my 5th anniversary post here at AJH HJA! On this day in 2011 I posted my very first concept, it was the Pittsburgh Penguins alternate concept it was based on the Pens first alternate jersey in Reebok cut form, I send this to HJC and it got good praises, and on that day I got hooked and been doing concepts since then.

Here's my first Pens alternate jersey concept.

A year later I decided to tame the concept with this one.

Now 2016 here's my Pittsburgh Penguins alternate concept.
I made it more gradient as I could, beside that and giving the hem the same treatment as the arm stripes it pretty much the same as my 2012 concept.

HJC Feedback

Well that's it, the celebration is over it's been a rough one for me juggling this, work, to even odd jobs but in the end I made through for now the only posts I'm making for now is my "Playoff Pickz" and so far is not looking good for me. Until then, later.