Basic Templates (My recommendation for anybody from starters to experts.)

(Note - I did not make any of these templates, credits are given to those who make them.)

For more Jerseys design template I using now go to SG-94 template page.
For more templates go to Hockey Jersey Concepts Template page.
More templates made by Steven go to Steven Grant Design Template page.

Here are some Fonts put together by me

Kroftsmann font

SF Piezolectric font

 Final Frontier Old Style font

Fonts to check out: Jlog3000


  1. Wonderful page filled with wonderful basic stuff to describe about how to prepare on creating a concept jersey. Kudos to those who originally created those templates and those things.

  2. I was wondering if you might know what Font the London Knights use?

    1. I believe they are standard block font the way they look like.