Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Just posting some infos

Hi everyone Alan here for my 2nd post of 2017, I’ve been busy with my NHL Adidas series and cleaning up over at my grandma’s house so it’ll be ready to be up for sale so in other words I’m multi tasking ha ha ha.

Now first up my logo, as you can see instead of “AJH 2017” it’s “AJH FTW 2017” the reason is because I’m celebrating my 5th year of having my DeviantArt page. Once I’m done with my NHL Adidas series I’ll be uploading them to my DA page then I’ll post them here after this year NHL playoffs.
If you like the fonts I used on my logo go to the links page under “Fonts from John O.” he has two links containing fonts made by him with many fonts he made, go check out.

Now the next thing is the template. I’m using the same template that I now used since late last year made by Steven Grant Design, however ever since Adidas showed off their jerseys at the World Cup of Hockey with that collar design that they made, I had to check out if there any templates around and there are some but nothing close to the templates I use, so I decided to make the collar that looks like the Adidas collar and I must say it’s not perfect but it’s sure darn close to it. I will tweak some collars to fit the teams look. 

Well, that’s my post. My next post before the playoffs maybe an fan request concept post if I get the chance to finish it. Until then, later.

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