Tuesday, 11 April 2017

2017 NHL Playoff Pickz

Hello everyone Alan here, is that time of year again the NHL Playoffs are here are you all ready? I am, but first before the picks here's another Calgary Flames fan request concept, request by John O.

Once again is the Flames old 1995-2000 set in Reebok form with a black alternate jersey, but the deference is the front logo and the shoulder patch logo are switched and the nameplate is the Flames current fonts.

Well it's time for round 1 picks by me.

Western Conference

1) Chicago vs WC2) Nashville
My pick: Hawks in 5 games

2) Minnesota vs 3) St. Louis
My pick: Blues in 7 games

1) Anaheim vs WC1) Calgary
My pick: Ducks in 6 games

2) Edmonton vs 3) San Jose
My pick: Oilers in 6 games

Eastern Conference
1) Montreal vs WC1) NY Rangers
My pick: Habs in 6 games

2) Ottawa vs 3) Boston
My pick: Bruins in 5 games

1) Washington vs WC2) Toronto
My pick: Bring out your brooms the Caps in 4 games

2) Pittsburgh vs 3) Columbus
My pick: Pens in 6 games

Well that's my pick until then see you all in round 2, later.

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  1. Love the switcharoos when it comes to logo alternations. But also fabulous predictions with your Playoff Pickz. Although I would see an upset with my Rangers trying to advance to the next round. But I do agree on the one with the Blues advancing. Keep it up.