Tuesday, 25 April 2017

2017 NHL Playoff Pickz: Round 1 review, Round 2 picks, and fan request concept.

Hi everyone Alan here for my round 1 review, Flames fan request concepts, and my picks for round 2! Let's not waste time and get this going.

Western Conference

1) Chicago vs WC2) Nashville
My pick: Hawks in 5 games
Result: Preds wins in 4 games
My thoughts: I have a feeling that the fall of the Hawks have started.

2) Minnesota vs 3) St. Louis
My pick: Blues in 7 games
Result: Blues wins it in 5 games
My thoughts: I was hoping for a good series all the way to 7 but the Wild didn't played well.

1) Anaheim vs WC1) Calgary
My pick: Ducks in 6 games
Result: Ducks swept the Flames in 4 games.
My thoughts: I know Calgary got problems with Anaheim but man this is worst.

2) Edmonton vs 3) San Jose
My pick: Oilers in 6 games
Result: Oilers wins it in 6 games.
My thoughts: Got this one right it was a gamble for me but the Oilers pulled it off.

Eastern Conference
1) Montreal vs (WC1) NY Rangers
My pick: Habs in 6 games
Result: Rangers wins it in 6 games
My thoughts: I thought the got this in the bag, but I was wrong.

2) Ottawa vs 3) Boston
My pick: Bruins in 5 games
Result: Sens moves on in 6 games.
My thoughts: Boy, I was soooo wrong on this series.

1) Washington vs WC2) Toronto
My pick: Caps in 4 games
Result: Caps takes it in 6 games
My thoughts: Caps may not get the sweeper but at least they got the series.

2) Pittsburgh vs 3) Columbus
My pick: Pens in 6 games
Result: Pens wins in 5 games
My thoughts: Everyone I know said the Blue Jackets are going to either beat the Pens or give them a hard time, guess not.

Before I show you all my picks here's another Calgary Flames fan request concept.

Now on this one John O request that the design from the dark jersey to be white, while the design on the white jersey to be dark. So here's the result.

Now that out of the way here's my picks for Round 2.

Western Conference

3) St. Louis vs WC2) Nashville
My pick: Blues in 5 games

1) Anaheim vs 2) Edmonton
My pick: Ducks in 6 games

Eastern Conference

2) Ottawa vs (WC1) NY Rangers
My pick: Rangers in 7 games

1) Washington vs 2) Pittsburgh
My pick: Pens in 6 games

Well there you go that's all for now see you all in round 3.

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  1. Amazing predictions and recaps. I'm happy that My Rangers advanced, and so have the Blues. But dang, nobody expected the Blackhawks to be eliminated via a sweep, and they were the conference's favorite and a possible one to win all the Cup. Well, this shows that anything can happen in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Anyways, keep up the good work. :)