Friday, 12 May 2017

2017 NHL Playoff Pickz: Round 2 review, Round 3 picks

Hi everyone Alan here for Round 2 review, my round 3 picks, and more Calgary Flames fan request concept. Here's my review of round 2.

Western Conference

3) St. Louis vs WC2) Nashville
My pick: Blues in 5 games
Result: Preds took down the Blues in 6 games.
My thoughts: I got nothing on this one.

1) Anaheim vs 2) Edmonton
My pick: Ducks in 6 games
Result: Ducks in 7 games
My thoughts: Ducks may have barely won this series but the next round they won't be at good shape.

Eastern Conference

2) Ottawa vs (WC1) NY Rangers
My pick: Rangers in 7 games
Result: Sens beat the Rangers in 6 games
My thoughts: This is not good for the Rangers.

1) Washington vs 2) Pittsburgh
My pick: Pens in 6 games
Result: Pens in 7 games
My thoughts: They had the Caps in 5 but they mess it up.

Now to the Fan request concept once again the Calgary Flames. This one featuring black shoulders and main stripes is black. Some of them also got the black flaming "C" logo, and letters and numbers both on white jersey and dark.

Now my picks for the 3rd round of the this year playoffs.

 Western Conference

1) Anaheim vs WC2) Nashville
My pick: Preds in 6 games

Eastern Conference

2) Ottawa vs 2) Pittsburgh
My pick: Pens in 7 games

Well that's for today, see you all in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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  1. Darn, too much unexpected results so far, in a very pleasant way. My pick for the Cup finalists shall be the 2006-07 contenders for this season (making reference to Anahem & Ottawa).