Sunday, 16 October 2016

Going green with a hint of pink

Hi everyone, Alan here for today’s edition of AJH HJA. This month is the Icethetics month, meaning I got three posts base on contests that I entered from Icethetics to the IceHL, to even an ECHL contest. In this is one of my IceHL set that I entered in the jerseys contest and just my other entrees it didn’t became a winner.

So here is the Florida Flamingos.
Pretty much the same design as my Montreal Wanderers concept but with different collar design. I made green as the main color follow by pink, and gold. The curves on the jerseys makes the logo look complete in my mind. Using the Columbus Blue Jackets fonts for nameplate, and the San Jose Sharks old pre-edge fonts for the numbers.

Well that’s my first of three posts I’m doing this month till then, see ya next week. 

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