Sunday, 23 October 2016

Playing 21, I got 23

Hi everyone Alan here for part 2 of my Icethetics month here at AJH HJA. Let’s not waste time and get to it with another IceHL team I made for the contest from this year summer. 
Today is the Atlantic City Aces.

Using 2 stripes with spades patters on the arms, and a single on the hem, pants, and socks. I even put a spade on the collar. The logo may have Vegas gold but I left it out on the jersey because I feel that it didn’t need gold on the jerseys just blue and red that’s all. I use the Winnipeg Jets current letters for the nameplate, and use the Pittsburgh Penguins classic rounded font for the numbers.

Well part 2 is done, see you all next week for part 3. Until then, later.

1 comment:

  1. The concept looks pretty cool. Love the sleeve patterns too. Keep it up.