Sunday, 25 September 2016

What a Wanderer(ful) day

Hi everybody, Alan here for another edition of the AJH HJA. I’m just going straight to the concept here, today is the Montreal Wanderers one of one year wonder team. Back in 2014 I made one for the HJC NHA contest, so it’s been awhile but thanks to HJC to bring in another contest involve Montreal Wanderers I made another concept.

I made burnt orange as the main color follow by black, and silver. The arms, hem, and even the yoke stripes are curved, the only stripe that is straight is the socks. The logos are the Wanderers old shield shape with trims, with an “M” and a “W” with two different fonts. The “W” is the UConn font, and the “M” is the Edmonton Oilers old alternate font. The front logo both the “W” and the “M” are space apart from each other while the shoulder logo both the “M” and the “W” are together. Both nameplate and the numbers are UConn font.

HJC Feedback

Well that is today post, hope you enjoy this week I hope my goes well, until then later.

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