Monday, 11 April 2016

AJH HJA 5th anniversary countdown: What a Maroon!

Hi everyone Alan here as we are in full stretch to my 5th anniversary post. This week is “Winning week” that means showing off concepts based on my winning concepts. Today is the Montreal Maroons, believe it or not in 2011 I won my first HJC contest, and it was part of HJC DHL contest. The design was just classic, but it wasn’t the design I was going for, I had a design in mind but due to time was running out I had to make the concept simple, and as the simple concept win the contest for me, while the design I had in mind was set aside until now!

Here’s my contest winning concept.

Now here’s what could have been a modernized Maroons.
The arm stripes I shaped to an “M” it was an idea that could work for me but not to others. Besides that, and the helmet logo, the rest is same as the previous work. Come to think looking back at it I learned that sometimes doing things simple has befits, and this one would be a big disappointment.

Well this post is in the books, time is short got to work on more posts this week mainly my Playoff Pickz! Until then, later. 

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