Friday, 8 April 2016

AJH HJA 5th anniversary countdown: Almost Perfect

Hi everyone Alan here as we continue on with the countdown towards the 5th anniversary post. Over the years that I have sent my concepts to HJC that resulted in good feedbacks, winning a contest, and winning COTW. But the 1 thing I haven’t succeed it yet and more likely may never going to happen is a perfect score, a 10 of 10! Believe it or not I had a concept that almost got a perfect 10 score but 1 flaw that got in the way. Today is the Quebec Nordiques, it’s been almost two years since I made a Nords concept so why not?

Here’s my old Nordiques concept.

And now the new Nordiques concept.
Same design as the previous concept but with 3 changes. 1: The stripes on the arms, hem, socks, and the pants got two stripes. 2: change the numbers font to standard block with trim. 3: With the whole Adidas taking over as NHL’s jersey manufacturer pretty soon I decide to put the company's word-mark logo to get the feel of it. If you look closely at the arms, hem, pants, and socks, yeah it got the Adidas 3 stripes logo on it for Easter egg! What do you think?

Here’s my second version, it isn’t much of a big thing only just the collar.

Well this week is done! Come here next week for what I call it “Winning week!” that means it’s a showcase of my redesign of my winning concepts from contests, to my only HJC’s COTW. Also once again my “NHL Playoffs Pickz” is back once this NHL season is over and the playoffs begins I’ll be throwing my picks to see who going to go all the way to the Stanley Cup finals and win it all. We know now it’s going to be all-America playoffs because all Canadian teams won’t be in the playoffs this year for the first time since 1970, historically wise it’s only the 2nd time in the NHL that all Canadian teams failed to make it to the playoffs. Until then, see you all next week later.

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