Wednesday, 6 April 2016

AJH HJA 5th anniversary countdown: A golden Predator

Hello everyone, Alan here to keep this train rolling for my 5th anniversary post. Today was a concept I made around almost 5 years ago that I sent this concept to HJC and it became my first concept I made that got in the running for the COTW, even thou the concept didn't became a winner but it was one of those things that give me a push to be more creative with my concepts witch went on to many numbers of running for the COTW with the one became a winner.
Here' my old Nashville Predators set

And now here's the now Nashville Predators set.
I don't know you can see the checker pattern on the dark jersey but if you see them on the white jersey you know there patterns on the arms, the hem, the socks, the pants, to even inside the collar. I use the team's current guitar pick logo on the shoulders, and the helmets. Use the team's current letter fonts, and current number fonts with my touch. Lastly the team's main logo with the addition of triangle shape with checker patterns behind the logo.
Of course a concept isn't compete without an alternate jersey witch I got one right here.
Same as the set but in blue.
Well once again this post is in the books. Be here for my next post, hopefully I can post some more soon in time for my 5th anniversary post. Until then later.

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