Monday, 4 April 2016

AJH HJA 5th anniversary countdown: Too many? Not enough!

Hi everyone, Alan here for another countdown to my 5th anniversary post. Sorry for lack of posts for couple of days due to my work life in a nutshell, I'll leave it at that. So this countdown post is a team I pretty much make mostly 1 to 2 a year, I made so many I have to put this link for you all to see, if you all didn't catch my drift today is the Colorado Avalanche.

Yes indeed the design is based on the team's classic first set but little more Reebok cut to it. Here's a first for me, I replaced black with navy blue it seems to fit well with this concept on the jerseys to even the logos in my opinion. I kept the foot logo as shoulder patch, but use the team's current alternate mountain logo for the helmet, and the pants. I tried to make the number fonts look like the team's current alternate fonts with trims around it. Lastly of all the years I made concepts, this set is the first that I made the nameplate vertically arched!

HJC Feedback
Well this one is done, hopefully I'll get back on track again to post more up on this site, till then later.

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