Tuesday, 12 April 2016

2016 NHL Playoff Pickz: Round 1

Hi everyone, Alan here for the annual playoff pickz! It started with 30 teams in the season, and now there 16 left. Let’s not waste time and get to the pickz shall we.

Eastern Conference

Florida Panthers (A1) vs. New York Islanders (WC1)
FLA: With depth of old school stars like of Jagr, Luongo, and Brian Campbell mix with young and upcoming stars like Aleksander Barkov, Jonathan Huberdeau, and Aaron Ekblad to name a few that is well put together and can rise to prime to go all the way.
NYI: The depth may not be the best for the Islanders with some missing keys to help them but you’ll be surprised with some players stepping up their game mainly with Thomas Greiss playing solid all season with addition of how well he played as Jaroslav Halak is up in shelf pretty much throughout the playoffs. John Tavares, Kyle Okposo, are few names that give the Islanders its playoffs spot.
Overall: The Islanders hopes for a first playoff win since 1993 will not be this year.
My pick: Panthers beat Islanders in 5 games.

Tampa Bay Lightning (A2) vs. Detroit Red Wings (A3)
TBL: They got good players, but without Steven Stamkos there’s a good chance it could hurt the team if they don’t step up and play their “A” game.
DET: For the 25th year in a row the Wings are in the playoffs, with Henrik Zetterberg leading the team and their rookie star Dylan Larkin I see this team giving Tampa Bay a hard time.
Overall: I smell an upset!
My pick: Wings beat the Bolts in 6 games.

Washington Capitals (M1) vs Philadelphia Flyers (WC2)
WSH: Good offense, the defence in question, and a well fit goalie can give the Caps a chance to go to the 2nd round.
PHI: Flyers got good forward lines, defence lines are decent, and goalies are a hit and miss.
Overall: Caps got this series, but not in an easy way.
My pick: Caps beat the Flyers in 6 games

New York Rangers (M3) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (M2)
PIT: Got some solid players like Malkin, and Crosby to name few, and not so solid player(s) (*cough* Kessel *cough*) don’t know if goalies problems.
NYR: Solid depth for the team nothing else to say.
Overall: If both can fix their goalie issues this one is a close series.
My pick: Pens over the Rangers in 7 games

Western Conference

Dallas Stars (C1) vs. Minnesota Wild (WC2)
DAL: This team got good players in their depth with the right guys on the right line this team has the potential to go all the way.
MIN: This team got some good players in their depth too, but not like the Stars.
Overall: The Stars got this but don’t expect a sweeper.
My pick: Stars beat the Wild in 6

St. Louis Blues (C2) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (C3)
STL: Got the talent, but if they can’t stay healthy they are in trouble.
CHI: Saad, Sharp, Hossa, to name a few with additions of Ladd, Fleischmann, and Weise thanks to trade deadline this team are gunning for a repeat.
Overall: Sorry Blues the Hawks got this one…. Again!
My pick:  Hawks beats the Blues in 5 games

Anaheim Ducks (P1) vs. Nashville Predators (WC1)
ANA: This team were at the bottom in early season but tooth and claw their way back and top the Pacific division and ready to go deep into the playoffs.
NSH: Game by game the result for the Preds have been good for them with some good trades they had this year they are ready for a challenge.
Overall: Both of them are good, but the edge goes to the Ducks.
My pick: Ducks over the Preds in 6 games

Los Angeles Kings (P2) vs. San Jose Sharks (P3)
LAK: Pretty much the same line ups with some tweaks nothing over the top.
SJS: The Sharks are back after missing the playoffs last year they are hope for good playoff run.
Overall: I’m going to say this once so grab your brooms.
My pick: LA sweeps the Sharks in 4 games.

Well there you go these are my picks and I’m sticking to it until the 2nd round comes along. Be here tomorrow for some more concepts till then, later.

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