Saturday, 20 February 2016

The fire in me still burns brightly!

Hi everyone, Alan here for post number 301 here at AJH HJA! Well the All-Star games is alright, not the greatest that's all I can say to that. But there are two news I got to say about it.

First one, Los Angeles Kings will be hosting the 2017 NHL All-Stars, some though that the Leafs would host next year but the NHL said otherwise. I'm O.K. with it because the Kings are celebrating 50th anniversary next season, so it's fitting for the Kings to host the All-Star event by celebrating the league's 100th anniversary by going big Hollywood style!

Second, The news tells that Gary Bettman got a extension for the next 6 years, to some feel bitter, and angry. For me it's the Coyotes will still be around for next 6 years, and we'll see a 4th lockout coming I'm calling it.

Today is the QMJHL concept known as Gatineau Olympiques, both set, and alternate. Let's get to the concept shall we.
Curves on both arms, and side hem put to use for this set. Purple is the main color, follow by orange, and black. Standard block font for the nameplate, and the Ottawa old alternate font from 1997 to 2007. The main logo is a letter "G" with a flame from the team's 2002/03 logo when they use to be Hull Olympiques. Lastly the helmet and shoulder patch logo is 2002/03 torch logo modified by me.
The alternate is same as the set, just orange as main color.
Well this one is in the books. The next post will start the countdown to my 5th anniversary post, these concepts are based on past concepts I made that made impacts for me from getting HJC’s COTW nominations, one of the best concepts I made that I was proud of, concepts in running for the COTW, to even winning my only HJC contest, and my only COTW! Hope you all ready for the countdown because it will start February 28. Until then later.

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