Sunday, 31 January 2016

All-Star: 300

Hi everyone, Alan here for AJH HJA 300th post! What better way to celebrate this event then to post it on this year NHL All-Star games, I say that because this year is a tournament featuring players within their divisions. That would have work if they had more then 2 jerseys, however this tournament thing is a good idea, and I'm hopping they don't over do it just do it maybe every 3 to 5 years just to keep it fresh to every fans taste. So today, my concept is an All-Stars game jerseys base on if this year All-Stars game was East vs. West.

Using the old alternate logo and recolor it, now you look at the logo in your mind it confusing, I color it to symbolizing the conferences. Using the Stadium Series shoulder yoke fits well on this concept. I choose the Preds old number, and standard block with trim as fonts. Instead of the player's team logo is guitar pick with stripes to represent the team that player plays for.

HJC Feedback

Well this post is done for this week hopefully things will go smoothly for me, and try to post one more before my 5th anniversary event begins. Until then, later.

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