Saturday, 9 January 2016

All-Stars in a nutshell!

Hi everyone Alan here, no concepts today just a rant about the NHL reviled their 2016 All-Star jerseys witch the problem is they reviled two jerseys not 4, so it looks like the players will be issued 2 different set witch it understandable. Anyway here's my review of this year All-Stars jersey.

Up points: The collars are nice. Number fonts are pretty well tamed and add little lines inside the numbers was a nice touch. The front logo is good, better then the previous logo they had.
Down points: The stripes on the arms looks too plain to my taste. The colors for the theme are too gimmicky and poor execution leading it to be plain.
My Jersey Collection Rate: Buy it at discount price.

Well that's my review of this year All-Stars jerseys, hope you all come back as I made a concept to show off soon. Until then later.

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