Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sami Zayn WWE concept

Hi everyone Alan here for my first post of 2016! Today is a concept that I tried to put together for a wrestling theme concept contest that HJC had, but due to being busy with work I didn't get it done and miss the deadline. Since then I didn't went back to the concept until I finished a QMJHL concept. Today is WWE NXT superstar "Sami Zayn" concept.

Using the main logo base on Zayn's entrance video with checker patterns inside of it, and of course checker patterns on the stripes both the arms, and hem. Also I added checker patterns inside the collar. Standard block with trim for the nameplate, and Sacramento Kings current font for the numbers. I decide to change up the stitches on the sides to under the yoke, not too much but give it eye popping look that's all.

Well the first post of 2016 is in the books. There'll be one more post for this month and then I got to do some more concepts to put together, I'm hopping to get some more ideas in my head mainly with this site's 5th anniversary around the corner I got to get my mind in the concepts, not my Nintendo Wii U that I got for Christmas so it's going to be a not so easy tasks. Until then, later.

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