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My NHL jerseys rants

Hi everybody, Alan here for my last post for 2015, concept wise for me wasn't a good year for me, it was the worst for me even thou I had two concepts up for the HJC COTW. I didn't made many concepts as I usually do, to didn't even got creative with most of my concepts, most of them I gave the "Reeboking" treatment (using the same templates in the past concept works.) I really felt like I went back to the well so many times that it became poison. The 1st half of 2016 will be crazy for me because I planning on putting together some posts leading to my 5th anniversary post in April including my annual "Playoff Pickz" then after that it's clearly unknown for me because summertime is usually a busy time for me outside of the concept world it'll be more likely another summer break from this site witch means I won't have time or efforts in putting together any more concepts from the top of my head, so don't be surprised with the lack of posts in the summertime if I'm not too busy then I'll try put some concepts together, but one change I will make official, starting 2016 I will no longer accepting contributor's concepts, it's a decision that I made for myself with having less time doing concepts because outside the concept world (aka life) will be more busy around me, my apologize for that one.

Now with that out of the way time for NHL Jerseys rants!

NHL turns 100!
As many of you all aware of, beginning in 2016-17 season the NHL will be 100 years old not season 100 due to the lockout that canceled 2004-05 season (thanks Bettman.) Hopefully we can expect a special centennial logo that is good to see, and won't hurt our eyes.

World Cup 2016
It's back the World Cup is coming to Toronto that not only put together by the NHL, and NHLPA. But also the jerseys are going to be made by Adidas! With both Nike, and IIHF out of the picture in this one I can see this to be either good jerseys, or ugly jerseys that make you wanna pull your eyes out of the socket. This event featuring six nations, and two all-stars like teams. To make things even better there is no talks about lockouts, CBA, or any other crap, just the World Cup of Hockey, can't wait.

Oilers going orange.
If the rumors are true that there are talks about next season that the Oilers are promoting their orange jersey to 3rd, then I'm all for it! I kinda like the orange jersey how it base on their old WHA days as they're getting out of their old barn and into their new beautiful new arena next season, it's fitting that a orange third is in demand of all of the Oilers fans, if for the sake of my input the only change I want to see is the arms and hem stripes getting the same treatment as either the home, or the road and call it a day.

Panthers getting new set.
With the Florida Panthers staying put despite low numbers of fan support going to games, Reebok said there are talks that the team is getting a new set witch make sense to me because if you look at it they are 2 years away (2017-18 season) of hitting their 25th anniversary of the team's time with the NHL. Some people hopping the new set base on the team's early days, I'm hopping for a set that works well to my taste, their current set was alright but early edge design with vertical piping ruins what could have been one of good edge design.

LA going gold!
Los Angeles Kings will turn 50 next year along with 3 other teams that will turn 50 also. Sources say a "special edition" jersey to honor the team's 50th anniversary. My perdition they will wear the Gretzky era jersey because they're already show off their Reebok style classic set base on the team's early days for their Legends Night games, having the Gretzky era jersey made sense to me, after all in my opinion Gretzky was the reason that the Kings rose to become big time team, and put themselves on the map and later on in 2012 won the Stanley Cup.

Ottawa Sens 25th.
The Ottawa Senators are turning 25, the team's 25th anniversary logo is a horror show just bad, and more likely will be on their jerseys. As for jerseys I'm hopping that the team make their current alternate jersey as their main home, while making the team's heritage classic jersey as road, so that will make way for a early '90s throwback third jersey. That's my perdition!

Flying at 50.
Just like the LA Kings the Philadelphia Flyers will celebrate the 50th anniversary. According to Reebok the Flyers will also have a "special edition" jersey in the works. I for one believes that it's a no brainier that it will be a jersey base on a set they wore from 1982 to 2007, sure that set didn't gave them a Stanley Cup titles as oppose to their 1972 to 1977 set they won two titles (1974, 1975) but truthfully in my opinion they wore that style better then the Kings 1980 to 88 set!

The Pens turns 50.
Pittsburgh Penguins is celebrating 50th anniversary next year, and I'm hopping finally at last they would change their set that had plague both the Pens fans, and the jersey loving fans. All they have to do is to make their current 3rd as their main home, and make a white version of that jersey. That will make room for a 3rd jersey base on the team's inaugural season jersey, the powder blue one with the word "Pittsburgh" across the front diagonally not that poor excuse 2011 Winter Classic jersey don't get me wrong it's a nice jersey and all but I felt like it's more alternate flux back style then being classic in my mind.

St. Louis going 50.
St. Louis Blues will turn 50 next year, nothing too big only talks they are replacing the team's 3rd jersey. It's pretty much more likely just like the other 3 teams a throwback jersey, there are many good jerseys that the Blues wore but the 1979-84 set is my favorite, followed by 1998-2007 set, and their current set.

25 lightning strikes.
The Tampa Bay Lightning are marking 25 years in the NHL next season. With their current set is bad, and their alternate jersey is a joke. No word on any changes within the team but I'm hopping for a brand new set with black as the team main color, and make the jerseys base on their first set and just call it a day!

100 Leafs
The NHL are not only ones that are turning 100, the Toronto Maple Leafs will be turning 100 also! Since 2013 the club have been preparing this anniversary, and there talks that the Leafs will be pulling the Habs for their 100th anniversary with lots of jerseys to honor their days as Toronto Arenas, Toronto St.Pats, and currently the Maple Leafs. There are going to be a crazy numbers of jerseys to be part of my collection even thou I hate the Leafs but their jerseys I can't hate.

2017 Heritage Classic
Winnipeg Jets have been trying to host a Heritage Classic for a long time but with the NHL 100th anniversary around the corner the top two on the list to be host of the event is either Toronto, or Ottawa. I can see Toronto vs Ottawa whether it's in Toronto, or Ottawa it'll be a good match up.

2017 Winter Classic
Chris Smith from Icethetics suggest that the match up should be the Pens and the Flyers some of you disagreed with him, I say half, in fact why stop there I say have two Winter Classic games! one in Pittsburgh were the Pens face the Kings, while the Flyers goes to St.Louis to go one on one with the Blues. Sure two Winter Classic is too many, but hey it's a win, win in my books!

2017 Stadium Series
Everyone wants different teams playing the Stadium Series indeed I too want different teams playing! If the Wild didn't host the 2016 Stadium Series, I would see the them hosting next year with the San Jose Sharks. Now hear me out on this one, next season could have been both the Minnesota North Stars (moved to Dallas) and California Golden Seals (moved to Cleveland in 1976 then two years later folded) 50th anniversary in the NHL it make sense with the Wild playing against the Sharks (were they're playing the same area as the Seals) as tribute to two fallen teams.

2017 All-Star Game
It's a no brainier that the Maple Leafs will host next season All-Star game, if not New York Rangers should be in line to host the game. With this years All-Star game going a 4 team tournament style who knows what 2017 will bring us.

Well that's my rant post, and my last post of 2015, hope you all have a happy new year and hope a good 2016 for you all.

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