Sunday, 28 February 2016

AJH HJA 5th anniversary countdown: Chatham Jr.B Maroons

Hello everyone, Alan here for a special post here at AJH HJA. Today marks the beginning of the countdown to my 5th anniversary post this April,  featuring  concepts that made impacts in the HJC, to concepts that was in the running for the HJC COTW, to concepts that won contests, and some of my favorites. Today this concept set is one of my favorites, it's one of junior B team, my hometown team the Chatham Jr. B Maroons. Back in 2011 I made 2 concepts base on the teams previous set before their current set, one was very Reebok, and one very normal. Since then I haven't got back to the idea of doing more Maroons concepts until now.

Here's my old Maroons concepts.

Now here's the new Maroons concept.
On this concept I modified the teams main logo, change the font on the word "Chatham" to fit that classic modern look. Plain stripes on both arms, hem, socks, to even on the side of the pants. Gave the the numbers a modern font treatment, and gave the nameplate the Winnipeg Jets current font. Lastly the shoulder patch old Habs logo but replace the "A" inside the "C" it's the "M."

I made a second version of this concept.
This concept is the same but with gold.

Well this post is in the books, there will be more concepts coming soon as part of my 5th anniversary. Until then later.