Sunday, 6 March 2016

AJH HJA 5th anniversary countdown: Milwaukee Admirals Concept Part 1: The first set

Hi everyone Alan here as we continue on with the countdown to my 5th anniversary post. I got 4 concepts but that's the problem I made 4 different concepts for one team, so the solution is I'll make a week out of it! You will see a concept today, one on Tuesday, another on Thursday, and last one on Saturday all nothing but the Milwaukee Admirals. For now let's get to today shall we.

This concept is simple, the stripes on the arms, hem, socks, pants, to even on the wrist cuffs. Using the team's new number font with trim, while standard block with trim for the nameplate. I kept the anchor logo for the shoulders. Lastly the logo, the team's new main logo. It was hard for me mainly because I love their staking Adms logo and use it on all of my Adms concept (and so far to my knowledge if I'm wrong the only one that using the logo for concepts) but I gut it up and use the new logo.

HJC Feedback
Well part 1 is done! Come back Tuesday for part 2 of my Milwaukee Admirals week, till then later.

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