Tuesday, 3 November 2015

AJH HJA Have Returned! (for now)

Hi everybody, Alan here after a taking a summer break from this site, witch it was more longer then I thought, let just say I been busy with life outside the concept world, I'll leave it at that.

Anyway while I'm on my summer break I took two requests from John O. You might remember him from his past requests I did was the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Ottawa Senators. Today I'm going to show you my work put together by request by John O. Let's begin.

Chicago Black Hawks Stadium Series Concept

Nothing too big it's a white version of the Hawks 2014 Stadium series with some tweaks, 1. The main logo is not chromed (thank goodness.) 2. The team's shoulder patch is on both sides of the jersey. Lastly 3. Nameplate and the number fonts is in title "J-Log Rebellion" custom made by John himself, the numbers got trims base on NY Rangers 2014 Stadium series and the best part he doesn't want the TV numbers tilted (a plus for me!)

HJC Feedback

Minnesota Wild Nike Concept

This is pretty much the Wild's first set in a Nike template, the only thing different is the nameplate font, just like the Hawks it's "J-Log Rebellion"

After I forgot to inform John about the Nike template where the back is curved while the front is straight, so he request to give the front a Reebok curve treatment.

So that's it for today, hopefully I'll get back on track because I got tons of concepts to post here. Til then, later.

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  1. Thanks for lending a hand with the concepts, as well as spreading the word about my font work. It's so appreciated.