Tuesday, 23 June 2015

After the Stanley Cup rant post

Hi everyone, Alan here for my last post on this site and I'm on hiatus till probably around in the fall of 2015 with just bunch of rants, and an logo review so here we go.

Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup champions
I called it, I totally called it, I said (included others) the Blackhawks would win it in 6 games. Tampa got the right players to bring them to the big dance, but in the end the Hawks with their experience from their past cup appearance beat the Lightning to win their 3rd cup since 2010.

Manchester Monarchs 2015 Calder Cup Champions
The Monarchs won their first championship. Sadly this is their last title as the team will play in the ECHL for the 2015-16 season what a way to go off on top. Congrats and good luck in the ECHL Manchester Monarchs.

Allen Americans ECHL Kelly Cup Champions
 What a year it is for this team! From winning back to back CeHL titles to being the 2015 ECHL Kelly Cup champions, I been following this team all season because of Blenheim's Jamie Schaafsma the captain of the team, heck I work with his mother and she tells me story of his time to from ECHL to Europe leagues. It's cool to see some locals from around my area doing fine with their hockey careers. Congrats to Jamie Schaafsma and the Allen Americans on winning the ECHL title and hope for being part of the ECHL for years to come.

Coyotes Saga again!
Year number 6, or 7 I don't know, with the city of Glendale, AZ have decide to drop their lease agreement with the Coyotes leaving them no arena to play in. Some of the yotes fan are trying to rally everyone to tell Glendale to live up the agreement, but the problem is those fans are from outside the city they don't understand that the problems are as bad as what they think.

Time for my logo review, this one caught my eye and I don't want to miss out on this one even thou this team came from Jr.C level league but their new logo got me wanna review this.

Wheatley Omstead Sharks
This is a nice re brand update! This is their old logo see the difference? I sure do! The shark looks badass one those look that the San Jose Sharks can't pull off like this. The fonts on the word mark fits the team. Nice way to put their old Omstead logo on the shark's fin to remind of their past history. The only some what of a down point is the colors put together for some odd reason it had that Columbus Blue Jackets alternate logo vibe to it. Overall pretty darn good looking logo for a Jr.C hockey team. Now the next thing is what their jerseys look like? I'm going have to wait until more likely in September.

Well that's today post, as I'm taking a summer break from this site, but don't worry my Twitter page, and my Facebook page will still be going. Until then I'm Alan have a great summer everyone.

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