Saturday, 14 November 2015

Hit the Stadium like a hurricane!

Howdy everyone Alan here for yet another post here at AJH HJA. Today is a concept that it's came in mind of "what if the Carolina Hurricanes plays in the Stadium Series?" Well here it is my Carolina Hurricanes Stadium Series concept. Even thou I did made a black one from two years ago, but this one I can't miss out! Let's go.

Warning flag logo in the front with a a hockey stick being red instead of silver, with warning flag stripes everywhere from the arms, hem, socks, pants, heck even the yokes.

HJC Feedback
Icethetics Feedback

Bonus Concept!

Carolina Hurricanes Stadium Series concept in red! Not to explain on this one.

Well this one is in the books, I'll try to keep this train rolling with some more. Until then, later.

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