Sunday, 15 November 2015

My wait for that one logo is over

Hi everyone Alan here for once again another post here at AJH HJA.
Today is the Saint John (not St. John) Sea Dogs. Here's the thing, their current logo is alright but I felt like they could have done better. In 2012 they unveiled their first alternate jersey that featured a logo that base on the former AHL team the Saint John Flames, the logo was awesome and it fits the team better then their current one even thou the jersey was terrible but the logo is a must have so I search, and search, and search for the logo and I finally found it! With a lots of cleaning off the pixels to even sizing it to fit the jersey, with some addition of tweaks on the logo and there it is my Saint John Sea Dogs Concept.
Yes I know this is the same design you seen over and over again sadly this design was suppose to be made just for the Sea Dogs but as years of trying to find the logo to even my hopes of trying get another taste of COTW from HJC I pretty much in term "Reeboking" the design (yes I know it's not a word but bear with me on this one.) Using it with the color placement base on the team's first set. Nameplate is Winnipeg Jets font. Lastly UConn's font for the Numbers.

So that's it for this post more will come in better time, or more likely the weekends. Until then, later. 

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