Tuesday, 14 April 2015

2015 NHL Playoff Pickz: Round 1

Hi everyone playoffs is tomorrow night so without any yapping from me let’s get to my picks!

Western Conference
St. Louis Blues (C1) vs. Minnesota Wild (WC1)
STL: The Blues are top in their division and hoping to be in better shape in this year than last year.
MIN: Wild made themselves clear that they are the team to beat.
Overall: Wild maybe the team to beat, but the Blues got this series!
My pick: Blues in 6

Nashville Predators (C2) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (C3)
NSH: The Preds smash their way to the best season in the team history.
CHI: The Hawks will have a tough task in hand with this one.
Overall: With their top players expected to be at 100% for their series with a good team.
My pick: Predators in 6

Anaheim Ducks (P1) vs. Winnipeg Jets (WC2)
ANA: The Ducks are all healthy and ready to make bit run out of this one.
WPG: I still can’t believe the Jets are in the playoffs after so many years!
Overall: The Ducks may more likely win the “Selanne” series, but they’ll have to do it the hard way.
My pick: Ducks in 7

Vancouver Canucks (P2) vs. Calgary Flames (P3)
VAN: After disaster year, after disaster year, after disaster year, and after disaster year since their 2011 finals loss, the Canucks are back and ready to get back where they were before.
CAL: First playoffs since 2009, they’re not going to waste this series!
Overall: Canucks + Flames = Smash mouth hockey series!
My pick: Canucks in 6

Eastern Conference
Montreal Canadiens (A1) vs. Ottawa Senators (WC1)
MTL: The Habs are top in their division and hope to make it all the way.
OTT: The Sens squeeze their way in the playoffs knocking off the Bruins!
Overall: Underrated playoffs matchup like this one will stay underrated and will not disappoint anyone. (Well not this one.)
My pick: Habs in 5

Tampa Bay Lightning (A2) vs. Detroit Red Wings (A3)
TB: The Lightning are hoping to win this 1st round, unlike last year disappointment.
DET: The playoff streak is still in tack for the wings.
Overall: Tampa will take the “Yzerman” series.
My pick: Lightning in 5

New York Rangers (M1) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (WC2)
NYR: The Rangers are the Presidents' Trophy winner, will they break the curse?
PIT: The Pens fought their way to get that final playoff spot.
Overall: It’s a walk in the park for the Rangers!
My pick: Rangers in 4  

Washington Capitals (M2) vs. New York Islanders (M3)
WSH: The Caps are back in playoffs in a different form better than any playoffs form they had years ago!
NYI: This Islanders are primed and ready to make a playoff run for one last time in their old broken down barn.
Overall: I know this one is a 7 game series but witch one will win?
My pick: Islanders in 7

Well that’s my picks hope you all enjoy round 1 until then see you all in the 2nd round, later.

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