Saturday, 11 April 2015

Concept contributor: Fast lane to the Playoffs!

Howdy everyone, Alan here for my first post of April, and the last day of the NHL season. Today we got a concept from a contributor, now I know you’re thinking, is it from Ricky? It’s it from Jake? No! This one came from Jared L. one of rising concept artist seen from HJC. This concept he send to me base on one of my all-time favorite Sonic the Hedgehog series, Sonic SatAM! Let’s check it out shall we.

Up points: This jersey has Stadium Series with 90’s vibe written all over it. The numbers, and nameplate fonts is different but fits the theme very fine. Like the design of the jersey. Lastly love the logo period.

Down points: The TV numbers, the nameplate, and the “C” doesn't have the same trim treatment as the numbers on the back of the jersey. I feel like the front numbers doesn't need to be there. The socks I’m not a fan of vertical stripes, I feel the stripes should be horizontal. The pants colors doesn't match with the jersey, I prefer the pants blue with red, grey, and lime green stripes down the side of the pants. Some lines are on top of the outer lines of the jersey. Lastly even thou I like the design but the yokes on the back of the jersey does not match with the yoke on the front.

Overall: Good concept with some issues with the stitching, stripes, and the equipment we’ll get our self a winner.

Well today post is done, there will be no more concepts to be posted until the end of this year NHL playoffs. Until then, later see you all here again for the “Playoff Pickz!”

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  1. I tortured myself to do it because it is my least favourite of the 5.