Monday, 30 March 2015

Avalanche Concept (minus Colorado!)

Hello, Alan here to try once again get myself back on track of things with a concept made by me. That's right people a concept made by me in a new template form! But first let me give you an update, the Q&A page have been updated, now my E-mail is highlighted. That means if you want your concepts critiqued by me, send your concepts to and I'll post them here.
With that out of the way, on to my concept. This one is a team from the Great Ontario Junior Hockey League Jr.B Golden Horseshoe, the Ancaster Avalanche. The team’s current set is the same as the Colorado Avalanche set, with the additions of the GOJHL patch, and Canadian flag. I decide to give this team more “Ancaster” less “Colorado” here it is.

Using the mountain stripes pulled from my Geneva Mountaineers concept on a new template made by Steven G. Unlike other Avalanche jerseys that pretty much burgundy as the main color, on this one steel blue is the main color follow by burgundy, black, and silver. Standard block fonts on the nameplate, and Michigan State font for the numbers to make it look normal, but with the Avalanche feel to it.
Well there you go I did it I post a concept made by me if you want this new templates hit over to SG-94 template page to get them. Hopefully I’ll try once again get this ball rolling mainly April is this Wednesday, you know that means? My “Playoff Pickz” will be posted by me during this year NHL playoffs keep your eye on this site for my petitions. Until then, later!

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  1. Love the concept style. Plus, for a mid-major junior hockey club/franchise with tradition, it shows some modern flavor in an impressive way.