Sunday, 15 March 2015

Lone Contributor: A shocking post

Hello I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to. It's been over a month since the last time I post anything here on this site, I admit that I have lack the feel of posting stuff on this site, mainly with a lot stuff  I've been busy outside the concept world so much that every time when the days is done I don't got anything left in me to do. So I pretty much got lazy in making concepts. I mean the last time I made a concept from scratch was back in November, until late in February a contest from good old HJC that got me back on track, I'll try to get them set up to be posted here! But for now I got some rants, and a concept contributor!

3 way relocation move news!

Alright people try to follow me on this one, it's a brain scrambler one. First the Winnipeg Jets officially announced that they are relocating the St. John's Ice Caps to Winnipeg. This is a surprise to me but 2 things. Number 1 I felt like they miss the boat on this one, I understand that there is a slow progress going on with the arena deal in Thunder Bay and all, and number 2 I felt like they could have move the team anywhere in Saskatchewan, that province is screaming AHL Market right there. Now the next question is will they be called the Manitoba Moose again? Most likely in my opinion, hey it didn't stop the Dallas Stars AHL team being called the "Texas Stars" so why not? might as well.

With that St. John lost one AHL team, but they gain a AHL team. The Montreal Canadiens will move their farm team the Hamilton Bulldogs to St. John's. Word is they'll still be named the Ice Caps, unless the Jets has something to say about that, or they will let this one slide with this whole Laval Quebec arena thing in progress that could be the Habs farm club's main home in the next two years.

Then came the shocker that I did not see it coming! With Hamilton no longer have a AHL team, so they went down a level to the OHL, with rumors that the Erie Otters moving to somewhere unknown, and the Plymouth Whalers moving that ended up going to Flint next season. In stand the former AHL Hamilton Bulldogs owner purchased and got approved by the OHL to move the Belleville Bulls to Hamilton to be called of course the "Bulldogs" this one a shocker to me because this team is well story team with a lot of history for this team, but sadly it make sense because the city can't put good money into getting a brand new arena, that city deserve a new arena, not seeing their beloved team moved.

Now that I got my rant fix time for a concept contributor.

Stockton Thunder Concept [by Jake88]
With Stockton getting themselves promoted from the ECHL level to the AHL level this could be perfect for the team, if not a good alternate jersey.
Up points: Yellow fit this team very nicely. The design on the jersey is good. Lastly liking the bolts stripe on the arms is a nice touch.
Down point: Grey is good but I felt that this jersey could look better without grey mostly trim around the numbers, it looks blended with the yellow.
My suggestion: Replace the grey with white, and add white on the hem to give that eye popper effect!

Well that's today post. Hopefully I can get the chance and feeling up to post more stuff here! Til then I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to.

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