Thursday, 30 April 2015

2015 NHL Playoff Pickz: Round 1 review, and Round 2 picks

Yo yo yo everybody, Alan here for my 1st round review, and my round 2 picks. Let's get on with my 1st round review!

Western Conference
St. Louis Blues (C1) vs. Minnesota Wild (WC1)
My pick: Blues in 6
The result: Wild wins it in 6
Once again I pick the Wild to lose the 1st round, and once again the Wild moves on to 2nd round. Thanks for losing this series Blues.

Nashville Predators (C2) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (C3)
My pick: Predators in 6
The result: Blackhawks wins it in 6
I thought the Preds got this one, but sadly it didn't happened, enough said.

Anaheim Ducks (P1) vs. Winnipeg Jets (WC2)
My pick: Ducks in 7
The result: Ducks wins it in 4
I was hoping for a 7 game series but sadly the Jets didn't had what it take to beat the Ducks, mainly trying to keep the lead for a whole game before falling apart. But don't worry Jets fans they'll will be back.

Vancouver Canucks (P2) vs. Calgary Flames (P3)
My pick: Canucks in 6
The result: Flames wins it in 6
I knew the Flames are going give the Canucks a hard time, but beating them, that I did not see that coming. 

Eastern Conference
Montreal Canadiens (A1) vs. Ottawa Senators (WC1)
My pick: Habs in 5
The result: Habs wins it in 6
The Sens made it a 6 game series that I didn't expected to happened, but in the end the Habs are heading to the 2nd round.

Tampa Bay Lightning (A2) vs. Detroit Red Wings (A3)
My pick: Lightning in 5
The result: Lightning wins it in 7
Dear Tampa Bay Lightning, please try to win series more quicker!

New York Rangers (M1) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (WC2)
My pick: Rangers in 4
The result: Rangers wins it in 5
I'm surprised this went to 5, but in the end the Rangers took them out easily.

Washington Capitals (M2) vs. New York Islanders (M3)
My pick: Islanders in 7
The result: Caps wins it in 7
It went all the way to game 7, but the Caps one up against the Islanders.

With that out of my system on to my 2nd round picks!

Western Conference
Chicago Blackhawks (C3) vs. Minnesota Wild (WC1)
CHI: The Hawks still got what it takes to make it all way to the finals.
MIN: Not pleased with the Blues losing to this team really bad.
Overall: This one will last only 6 games.
My pick: Blackhawks in 6

 Anaheim Ducks (P1) vs. Calgary Flames (P3)
ANA: The Ducks won the 1st round with the sweeper over the Jets.
CAL: The Flames burns the Canucks in 6!
Overall: The Ducks will win this one, but not in 4.
My pick: Ducks in 5

Eastern Conference
Montreal Canadiens (A1) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (A2)
MON: The Habs moves on after their hard battle with the Sens.
TB: It took the Lightning 7 games to beat the Wings, but they beat them.
Overall: A rematch from last year only difference is this is 2nd round.
My pick: Habs in 6

New York Rangers (M1) vs. Washington Capitals (M2)
NYR: The Rangers gave the Pens a beat down, and ready to do some more!
WSH: The Caps beat the Islanders, will the Rangers be next?
Overall: Rangers got this one!
My pick: Rangers in 5

Well that's my picks until then, see you all at the next post for round number 3.

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