Monday, 1 September 2014

Labour Day Rant

Hello I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to. Hope you all enjoy my last Summer of Concept Contributor. You may see here I change around this site from green, black, and gold to orange, and green. I decide to bright it up nothing more. No concepts today just rants, let's get going.

Concept Contributor posts still going strong and a new Contributor event.
The Summer of Concept Contributor maybe over but there still be more Concept Contributor posts in the future, in fact I announce that this October will be called "Concept of the Dead" all October will feature nothing but defunct teams, teams that are no longer active any more like teams from NHA for an example. If you have any defunct concepts you made to be part of this event send it to " So far total concepts for the "Concept of the Dead" is at 17, that's included me. If received at least 31 total it could be all 31 days of posts all October. Again you want to your defunct team concepts to be featured on my "Concept of the Dead" send them.

St. Louis Blues new set!
It's about damn time that the Blues change their set to a look base on their old set from 1998-2007. The set is nice looking, the stripes, the hem, and the yoke is put together brilliantly. The down point is the socks, I kinda wist they would give it the same treatment as the stripes, the hem. Overall great set for the blues.

HJC Open, and IceHL updates.
Well first one off the bat, I entered the HJC Open, and got the first round out, nuff said. as for the IceHL contests I entered 8 out of 9 them the last 4 wasn't easy for me beating the deadline while at the same time being busy with work that I had to put some other projects on the sideline temporally and so far 2 got in the final four round, I'm waiting what my latest 4 sets end up. My IceHL concepts will be posted this month including some contributors too so keep your eyes over here for them.

AJH HJA on Facebook!
In case you all didn't follow my twitter page yet I had a hard time putting it together that sucker, but in the end it's here so like it and see some updates.

Well that's today post! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your long weekend, and see you all later this week for some more post by me, until then I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to.

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