Saturday, 30 August 2014

Summer of Concept Contributor: The Finale!

Hello I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to. Today marks the last week of  "Summer of Concept Contributor," and marks the 25th concept contributor post! This week contributor is a contributor that start it all, it was back in 2012, he is Steven G from SG-94. This link was the first concept contributor post featuring Steven. Now this time is Steve G send me a concept base on my favorite OHL team the London Knights.

Up Points: The stripes on both dark, and white are placed right. Love the addition of stripes at the end of the yoke on the white jersey. Nice call on the numbers and nameplate fonts. Lastly even thou I preferred the modern Knight logo, but the way the jersey was put together nicely to help the old school logo look good.
Down Point: The number fonts is a good choice but 1 trim around looks too plain to me.
My Suggestion: Add one more trim around the numbers, add green to the collar on the white jersey.

Well with this post done means the "Summer of Concept Contributor" is over, hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer, as well I would like to thank everyone who send their concepts to me to make this happen. Thank you guys! We will be going back to our normal posts hopefully soon, until then I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to.

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