Wednesday, 11 June 2014

London Sabreswords 2014-15 set

Hello I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to. Remember my HCIHL team the London Sabreswords? Well it's been awhile since the last time I posted anything Sabreswords was the Christmas post featuring the team's special event jersey, since then it's been quiet mainly because I've been struggling in the 2nd half of the season, and in the end my team finished dead last. Now coming for 2014-15 season the HCIHL added two more teams, and redesign the uniforms! I decide to do a little tweaks on both the logo and jerseys. Last year colors was Kelly green, antique gold, and black. For 2014-15 season is Forest green, and orange. Here's my 2013-14 set both the logo, and my jerseys. Now here's my new set for 2014-15 season!

The Logo

I updated the logo by making the handle to make it more real then bulky.

The Jerseys

The jerseys are simple, simple stripes on the arms, the hem, and even on the yokes as trim. This template is Nike witch means it featured that stupid fake lase, so I put the "S" with the stripes on the bottom to replaced the fake lase, witch was the inspiration of  my IIHF concepts.

Now with that out of the way questions is "Will I be making some Special Event Jerseys?" Maybe depends if I feel like doing it, who knows. I got my "Summer of Concept Contributor" put together and ready to go, unless if you got a concept, and want to send it to me. Until then, I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to.

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