Tuesday, 1 April 2014

2014 Jersey News!

Hello I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to. Well I got some eye catching news to share with you all that could be for real, let's check it out.
Anaheim Ducks revival their new alternate jersey.
After months of rumors, the Ducks can happily report that this November the Ducks will hit the ice with there new alternate jersey. Base on the team's first ever alternate jersey that last only 1 season, the team decide to give the "wild wing" a second chance, but with some more orange. The fans will be happy to see these alternate on the ice then the rumored Stadium Series jersey.

OHL expanded to Chatham-Kent
After years of wait, my hometown got themselves  a OHL hockey club named the "Chatham-Kent Roadrunners. As part of the OHL big expansion plan that expanded from 20, to 24. With the buzz around the new club reviled the team's jersey set before they debut in 2015.
The team use maroon as the team's main color, followed by gold, and black. The logo is base on a Colonial Hockey League team (witch later became the United Hockey League 1991-97, and became the International Hockey League 2007-2010) the Chatham Wheels that last only two season (1992-1994.) The owners believes that the city of Chatham deserve an OHL team, witch will help not only the city grow, but also help the OHL grow too.

Canucks new alternate jersey for 2014-15 season
The Vancouver Canucks announced that they are replacing the team's 3rd jersey with their new 3rd jersey for 2014-15 season. Today the team reviled their new jersey.
Base on the team's first alternate jersey in 1996 recolored to the team's current included the addition of dark blue. The team put the skating Johnny Canuck logo on the front as the team's main logo for the alternate jersey. The 3rd jersey will hit the ice in December 2014.

Swift Current Broncos new special event jersey
The WHL's Swift Current Broncos have reviled their new special event jersey. for the first time in two years the team decide to bring back the "My Little Pony" night, but instead of choosing any 6 jersey, they got only 1 to see it in action, and it's in titled "My Little Pony's Derpy Hooves" night.
Using the old 2009 NHL all-stars game jersey, using different fonts on both the letters, and numbers. Lastly using  the colors of Derpy Hooves.

Well that's all the news I got for you all hopefully I get some concepts put together later this month. Until then have a nice "April Fool's Day" later.

Anaheim Ducks concept, and the Vancouver Canucks concept made by Ricky M.
Chatham-Kent Roadrunners, and Swift Current Broncos Special event concept made by me.

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