Monday, 16 December 2013

Fueled and Fired up!

Yo people hows a going? Have you all got your Christmas shopping done? I did! Enough talk about Christmas let's get on with the concepts, we have one from me, and one from Ricky.

Indy Fuel ECHL [by me]
This one was part of the HCI's first ever contest, and it has up, and down. Recycled my Soo Greyhounds template but gave it an IceHL template cut. The colors are red, gold, and black. The road helmet, and the pants are black to give this concept a little balance.

Calgary Flames 3rd concept [Ricky M.]
Using the Flame's current 3rd shoulder patch as the main logo is risky Ricky! [my apologize for that bad pun.] An black jersey with  big yellow stripes, and small red stripe on both arms, and hem. The down point is the yoke, it's good but it look too plain to me, if you add trim around the yoke then it would give me some eye popper. Lastly the numbers and nameplate should switch colors have yellow as the main color with red trim, and/or switch colors on the stripes. Overall: Could be a good 3rd, but got that random feel to it, not in a over the top way. Score: 8/10.

Well that's this week post, see you all next week. Til then, later.

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