Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fishstick, Sabers all in one island!

Hi Everyone once again it's another post, that is scheduled witch it's a good thing because I'm working 10 hours this week at my workplace before Christmas, thou it last for two days last week because of running out of stuff to put together to worth an wild week, now I'm working 8 hours in mornings. Enough about my life story we got an alternate jersey made by me, and an concept set from an contributor named Ricky M. You might remember him writing for HJC, now writing for HCI on fridays, also he has his own website called Buffalo Nickel Graphics check it out. So let's get going.

New York Islanders Alternate concept [by me]
This was part of an HJC contest called "Make the Fishstick logo look good Competition." I use the wave stripes that was base on my Erie Otters concept, made it 4 stripes for "you know what the 4 stripes means by now," the logo was tricky to do, but pulled off nicely. The colors are blue, orange, navy blue, and white. What do you think?

HJC Feedback
DD60 Feedback 

Buffalo Sabres Concept [by Rick M.]
This one of thing I believe if the Sabres decide to change their look completely, this is it! The design on the home, and road is well made, the arm stripe is solid with a small and short trim made it look good, with the additional of 4 stripes on the hem is an good move. The alternate is different but creative. The front logos on all are indeed a good choice, and the fonts for the numbers, and nameplate is clever. The down point is on the home change the silver to white, it feels like it doesn't need to be that color, on the road not an fan of the white pants, and lastly get rid of the small front numbers off of the home, and the 3rd. Overall: Nice set could have the potential to be the best Sabres concept, just do those little things and this one is an winner. Score: 8.5/10

Well that's today post, as we are getting closer to Christmas, have you'll got your shopping done? I hopping my should be done too. Come back here next week for some more concepts by me and an contributor. Til then later.

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