Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thursday: My thoughts on Jersey Watch 2013

Hi everyone sorry I didn't do a Wednesday post because I was busy. Hopefully I'll make up for it today and Friday.

So far we got some Wolf Pack concept and still waiting for more if you're one of them that are taking time in putting together the concept for this contest that's good, just like to remind you all that you guys got until "This Friday at 11:59pm" to send your concept over to the HJC contest e-mail. In case you need the info here's the contest link.

Hartford Wolf Pack Competition entries are due Friday May 3 11:59pm EST. 

On Wednesday over at Icethetics had posted this year "Jersey Watch 2013". It's a annual thing were reading news to rumors about NHL teams changing their looks from re branding their logos, to even Jerseys, so I'm going to give my quick thoughts on these so called news and rumors.

Buffalo Sabres new 3rd?
With their previous third jersey officially retired (Why they did that? I have no clue.) there is talks that a new 3rd is in the works, so far word is that it'll be blue and yellow and their current logo will be on it as well. Good luck trying to top your previous third jersey, because if you don't play your cards right it'll be bad news.

Calgary: Keep? or No Keep?
OK how can I say this problem, there's reports about that the Flames are thinking about dropping the teams retro third jersey in favoring a new one, while some are not so sure. Here's everyone including me asking this question "WHY?" this third jersey should or even better how about making them your main home jersey with matching road while you're doing that so that way you can easily put together a new 3rd with a snap of the finger.

Hurricanes new Home and Road? *gasp*
"Stand Back" the Hurricanes are going for a make over, oh so Reebok said that they're changing their look. I say get rid of the yoke lines and fix the arm stripes and you're good to go! What they had in the beginning was fine, just go back to that, end of story!

Dallas Changing
For the 3rd or 4th um who's counting how many times that the Dallas Stars said that they are going to change their look or adding a 3rd. I just gave up on it, if there going to be a change I'll just have to wait it out for now.

Wild Road to be revamped
Well looks like the road from the beginning is going to be officially retired witch is sad to me because it's fit the team so well and that goes for their old home too! Too bad that they're in favoring plain and boring look to their old ones that made them well you know "Wild" no pun attend.

The Habs changing?
"Oooo la la la" the Montreal Canadiens are going to change their look! Well that's not going to happen. I believe that the only thing they're going to change is putting lases on both Home and Road jersey and that's all so don't get all worked up about it.

Pens dropping the 3rd. *sigh*
I was hoping for news that the Pens are finally going to change their home and road jersey but no instead they are dropping their 3rd in favor of bringing in a new 3rd, maybe some what after the highly rumored "Stadium Series" that will happened in 2013-14 season *ugh* every time when there news about changes in Pittsburgh it's always the 3rds now the home and road set just the 3rd. "When are they going to change the home and road set?" The answer is unknown.

Sharks new home and road
Yes you read right, word is that the Sharks are going to change or modified the home and road jerseys. It's a good news to me because they need to change their look quickly because their current look is losing it's touch, hopefully they can get rid of their front numbers off their jersey. (Hopefully)

Well that's pretty much my thoughts on it see you all Friday.

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