Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday: Clocks a ticking! Oh and a top 5!

Howdy everyone Today is your last day to send your Hartford Wolf Pack entries by "Tonight at 11:59 pm", if you send your entries after Fridays post don't worry there's Saturday post to keep a eye on for, so it's all good.

Hartford Wolf Pack Competition entries are due Friday May 3 11:59pm EST. 

 Before I gave HJC the Wolf Pack contest idea I had other ideas stuck in my head that I think it could be worth a contest. Well to me of course, so for the first time in a long time I will post my top 5 here.
This is the "Top 5 ideas for the HJC contest". Why top 5? Because "5" is more epic then "10"!

5.  North Bay Battalion Contest
This team have moved from Brampton to North Bay in time for the 2013-14 season and their so called look is same as Brampton (I won't be surprised that the uniforms would be the same) I thought of this would be a good idea but not really up there with other teams that needed a make over.

4. New York Islanders 3rd jersey redesign contest
It's a good idea at one time with the team moving from Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to the Barclays Center by 2015 theres talk that they want the owners of the team to go with the same colors as the Brooklyn Nets colors (you know black and white) but other say just go with just the 3rd witch makes scene to me, but the presenting the idea is not a easy task to do but it was a good idea.

3. 2 Reebok Cookie Cutter Combo Contest
This on was pretty much a good idea, put 2 Reebok cookie cutter templates together and ta-da you get a good concept that can give you that creative edge to it. Good idea that can use any templates.

2. KHL Expansion team from China or Japan
This idea was in my in a long time, now I know it's not a easy market to have hockey over there mainly Japan that use to be at one time in the same ranks as Canada but at least it can't be as bad as let say Phoenix, Arizona.

And the Number One of my Top 5 ideas for the HJC contest is.

1. Hockey Homicide "Winter Classic Game"
This is a classic idea the stuck in my mind since I made the Hockey Homicide Tribute Concept. I was thinking of this idea of "what if Hockey Homicide playing Outdoors?" so this was my main idea from the start but I think with other concept ideas out there that simple and more on people eyes then this idea, but this time will come.

And so that's my Top 5. Yes there were some good ideas I had plan for HJC if they decide to ask for some more contest ideas I got them right here for now it's been a good week with running this contest and now next week will be voting phase and believe me I made my points system that could be a good chance the there won't be a tie for 1st. (I hope)

Till then later.

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