Tuesday, 30 April 2013

2013 NHL Playoffs Pickz

Well after half a season was gone thanks to the lockout, all the NHL teams played 48 games, some played great while others did not, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs Begins.

But First. Keep your eye on HJC post for the Hartford Wolf Pack Competition that I'm running while Ryan is on vacation remember.
The entries are due Friday May 3 11:59pm EST.
And so with out a due let's the "2013 NHL Playoffs Pickz" begin.

Eastern Conference
1. Pittsburgh vs. 8. NY Islanders
Pittsburgh: The Pens have played well with their big 15 game winning streak they had in March that helped them rose to 1st.
NY Islanders: At last the Islanders are in the playoffs, but do they still got any left in their tank?
Overall: With some good trades here and there the Pens should win this round without trouble.
Pens beat the Islanders 4-1

 2. Montreal vs. 7.Ottawa
 Montreal: After last year disaster season the Habs made a big changes in the team from GMs, coaches, and as always the rosters. The team is back in the playoffs and hungry for Stanley Cup number 25.
Ottawa: This team went through a rough 48 games season with many key players out with injuries they seem to play their "A" game to keep themselves in the playoff pictures. But will be enough in the playoffs
Overall: The Habs have a good chance to win this round, but they need to watch out for their opponent trying to bounce back. (if they decide to.)
Habs beat Ottawa 4-2

3. Washington vs. 6. New York Rangers
Washington: With a "Big" late push, the Caps came from lost hope to 3rd place finish with the Southeast Division title for one last time (thank god) and Mr. Ovechkin is back on track, witch it's a good thing for this team.
NY Rangers: With some good playing their best, to some did start slow but picked up their game to give the team enough to be in this year playoffs.
Overall: Good teams, good players, and a good match up, this will go all the way to 7 games. (I hope)
NYR beats the Caps 4-3

4. Boston vs. 5. Toronto
Boston: This team really surprised me. I mean sure I know they'll be in this year playoffs but I didn't expect them to be in the top 4!
Toronto: For the first time since the 2004 playoffs, the Leafs are back, and I know myself and other critics out there give this team a hard time over the years and they got some good talents on their team but most of them are in the Leafs farm club until this year was a shocker.
Overall: 2 originals battling each other in a classic bout but 1 will move on.
Bruins beat the Leafs 4-3

Western Conference
1. Chicago vs. 8. Minnesota
Chicago: This team started a big streak in the beginning of this season, never looked back, and won the President Trophy for having the best record this year. Oh and also a heavily favorited to win the cup.
Minnesota: This season have been a wild one (no pun) for Minnesota a lot of ups and downs, mostly almost dethrone the Canucks from top spot for the Northwest Division, but at least they made it to this year playoffs.
Overall: Last year a 8th seeded team beat a President Trophy winner. Not this year!
Blackhawks beat the Wild 4-0

2. Anaheim vs. 7. Detroit
Anaheim: The Ducks are on top of their game. With two key players to the club signed new deals including some young player grew to full bloom and flying high.
Detroit: The Wings just barely made it 22 years in a row making it to the playoffs. But with their prime players gone to even some players slowly developing to their peak, this team future playoffs could be blank.
Overall: The Ducks got advantage in this round but the Wings will give them a hard time.
Ducks beat the Wings 4-2

3. Vancouver vs. 6. San Jose
Vancouver: The Canucks days of being number 1 of the west is no more but in a good way why? Because every time they're number 1 they played bad, just take a look back at last year they got "LA King'd" by the Kings so this year could be their year! If they play their cards right, well maybe.
San Jose: Deep in the water the Sharks has been playing wisely this season, not in the top 3 but enough to be in the playoffs.
Overall: The Canucks needs to play their game to the next level so that everyone (including me!) can still have faith in them being the top dog (or Whale what ever floats the boat) or else it'll be 2012 playoffs all over again.
Nucks beat the Sharks 4-2

4. St.Louis vs. 5. Los Angeles
St.Louis: The Blues had played well enough to placed in the 4th seed hopefully they keep the way they played this season through the playoffs.
LA: The Kings will start this playoffs like last year a underdog, only different this time they're seeded 5th not 8th, but that's a good thing, the players have played well this season, hopefully they keep it up.
Overall: The Blues got "LA King'd" last year in a 4-0 sweep fashion. This time they are ready for the Kings.
Blues beat the Kings 4-2

Well that's my pickz I'll see you all on my next post for Round 2.

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