Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thursday: The Aftermath

Hi everyone, today is my first post since last Sunday on HJC weekend post that I never thought I would see, me winning my first "COTW!" It was a shocker for me. I have been trying to post me talking about my win but I couldn't come up with something to say, it's one of those things that every time that you think you're going to win, in this case I sometime got my victory speech ready and all but my win didn't happen. Now last Sunday when I saw the post and refresh the page to make sure I didn't lose my mind and right there "I Win a COTW!" To some it just a COTW compere to like contests, HJC Open to even COTY, but to me this means a lot to me. I mean 2 years ago I started sending my concepts to HJC and ever since I knew one day, just one day I would win that COTW, even though I did win the HJC's Montreal Maroons contest in 2011, but this COTW win just to me means more then you can ever expect. I just don't know what to say but thank you all who voted for my Ottawa 67's concept.

Ever since that day I went through all of my concepts that I sent to HJC I decide to do a segment called "Path to my first COTW by the numbers" is the total of concepts send by me from April 2011 all the way to my Ottawa 67's concept COTW win, so here we go.

83 concepts send to HJC total.
30 concepts reviewed by Ryan.
7 by Tyler G.
5 by Jets96.
4 by Steven G.
3 by Colin M.
3 by Dbro.
And 2 by Kevin W.
29 concepts rated
9.5/10: once
9/10: 4 times
8.5/10: 4 times
8/10: 9 times
7.5/10: 3 times
7/10: 5 times
6/10: 3 times
27 concepts for HJC contests.
1 contest win.
2 concepts in the HJC live chat "Head2Head."
 46 from the NHL.
17 from the OHL.
8 from the AHL
3 from NCAA Hockey.
2 from OHA Jr.B.
2 from OHA Jr.C.
1 from the WHL
1 from the QMJHL
1 from the ECHL
1 from BCHL
1 from KHL
1 Disney theme
7 concepts in COTW ballot.
1 COTW win!

Well hope you all enjoy my post today, I will try to post a concept this weekend or sooner, until then later.

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