Tuesday, 14 May 2013

2013 NHL Playoff Pickz: Round 1 review and Round 2 Picks

Hi people round 1 is in the books, so here's my review on first round.

Eastern Conference

1. Pittsburgh vs. 8. NY Islanders
My Pick: Pens beat the Islanders 4-1
The Result: Pens beat the Islanders 4-2
I was close at getting it right but the Islanders have played good enough to make it last to 6 games.

 2. Montreal vs. 7.Ottawa
My Pick: Habs beat Ottawa 4-2
The Result: Sens beat the Habs 4-1
Yeah it wasn't a pretty series, the Habs had a good season but with some good key players coming back in the line up for the Sens from injures was too much in a bad way.

3. Washington vs. 6. New York Rangers
My Pick: NYR beats the Caps 4-3
The Result: NYR beats the Caps 4-3
This one I got right, but I would like to see some more heart from the Caps, but that didn't happen.

4. Boston vs. 5. Toronto
My Pick: Bruins beat the Leafs 4-3
The Result: Bruins beat the Leafs 4-3
For the moment there it would be the Leafs moving on but the Bruins came back and forced overtime and win it all.

Western Conference

1. Chicago vs. 8. Minnesota
My Pick:Blackhawks beat the Wild 4-0
The Result: Blackhawks beat the Wild 4-1
So much for the sweeper that I was hoping for, but I give the Wild credit for showing that they're no 8th seed team to be walk over and give a "wild" (no pun) series.

2. Anaheim vs. 7. Detroit
My Pick: Ducks beat the Wings 4-2
The Result: Wings beat the Ducks 4-3
Not pleased with this one, the Ducks had the Wings on the ropes but couldn't finish the job.

3. Vancouver vs. 6. San Jose
My Pick: Nucks beat the Sharks 4-2
The Results: Sharks sweep the Canucks 4-0
You can check out my last Wednesday rant. Nuff said.

4. St.Louis vs. 5. Los Angeles
My Pick: Blues beat the Kings 4-2
The Result: The Kings "L.A. King'd" the Blues 4-2
Note to self "Stop picking the team that will beat the Kings" man I tell you, picking one team over the other team that I don't think will and that team end up winning is on thing, but this is a bad habit I been going through, this is the 5th straight time that I picked the Kings to lose but they end up winning.

Now with that covered on to my round 2 pickz

Eastern Conference

1. Pittsburgh vs.  7.Ottawa
Pittsburgh: The Pens went through a rough 6 games with the Islanders but it look like it didn't do much damage to the team yet.
Ottawa: The Sens shock everyone including  me when they beat the Habs in 5.
Overall: These two teams have some good playoffs history with each other it'll be a good series that's for sure.
My Pick: Pens beat the Sens 4-2

4. Boston vs. 6. New York Rangers
Boston: This team was 10 minutes away from being eliminated from the Leafs, but bounce back and moving on to the 2nd round.
NYR: The Rangers came back from a 3 games to 2 behind the Caps and blew them away in game 7.
Overall: Another battle of the original 6, classic but one will win.
My Pick: Bruins beat NYR 4-3

Western Conference

1. Chicago vs. 7. Detroit
Chicago: Their game is just like I called it!
Detroit: The Wings do know how not to give up and play until the bitter end.
Overall: The Wings played their game right in the 1st round, but how much left in their tank?
My Pick: Blackhawks beat the Wings 4-1

5. Los Angeles vs. 6. San Jose
LA: They beat the Blues once again by playing smart and tough after losing the first 2 game of the series.
SJ: Shocked everyone even me when they sweep the Nucks in 4.
Overall: Battle of Cali will be a good match up, one will draw first blood, the other draws the first choke, who will it be?
My Pick: Kings "LA King'd" the Sharks 4-2

Well that's my picks hope to see you all in round number 3, until then later.

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