Saturday, 25 May 2013

St. Michael's Buzzers concept

This is the St. Michael's Buzzers from the OJHL (Ontario Junior Hockey League) a Jr. A league a tier lower then the OHL. Their current set is just like the former Mississauga St. Michael's Majors jerseys set only the different is instead of the "Majors" word mark on the home, and the "Mississauga" word mark on the road both jerseys has "Buzzers" word mark on it. So I decide make a some what modern Reebok cut with two thin, and one thick stripes with in the arm cutter area and on the hem in the center cut off the sides. The fonts on both numbers and nameplates are standard block. The colors are navy, light blue, and white.

So that's my today concept, I updated my last Thursday post on my "Path to my first COTW by the numbers" list, I just add the numbers of concept from leagues. Just in case here's the list.
46 from the NHL.
17 from the OHL.
8 from the AHL.
3 from NCAA Hockey.
2 from OHA Jr.B.
2 from OHA Jr.C.
1 from the WHL.
1 from the QMJHL.
1 from the ECHL.
1 from BCHL.
1 from KHL.
1 Disney them.
Well hope you all enjoy the weekend, until then later.

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