Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday: The Final Countdown

Hi everyone today is the last day to vote for the Hartford Wolf Pack Top 5. So far there are good numbers of top 5 votes so far, but we do need more votes. Just in case if you decide and/or not sure to vote let me help you out on the rules.
This is the Top 5, so that means you have to pick 5 concepts in your order to like.
If you're one of the contestant that got their concept in this contest you can put yourself in the top 5. "But" you "cannot" place yourself in 1st, you can place yourself in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th. Pretty much as same as any other HJC contest since these rules establish.
So hopefully you all got that and once you the top 5 vote set and ready to go, you send it to the HJC contest e-mail.

Next week I'll be doing my 1st round review and my round 2 picks, as for concepts I was thinking of holding it off at least maybe after round 3, but it'll be a lot sooner, mainly last night I just finish the last concept to complete my "OHL Redesign Quest" and boy how it wasn't easy but I did it and looking back at it, I felt good about it and proud of it too, so this June I will post nothing but the rest of my OHL concepts.
Well that's my post for today until then later.

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