Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wednesday: My rant on last night disaster for three teams

Hi everyone sorry for the lack of posting both Monday and Tuesday, mainly because of doing yard work and no idea what post about, but I do now!

But first.
The Wolf Pack Top 5 vote are due Friday May 10 11:59pm EST. 

Well last night was a big disaster for both the Pens, the Habs, and most of all the Canucks.

The Pens really had a hard time with the Islanders and to tell you the truth I didn't expect the Islanders to play this series that good enough to give the Pens a run for their money. I mean the pens are good but the Islanders really up their game and show them that they aren't the 8th seed team to be walk all over. For now I believe this might be going all the way to 7 games, if the Islanders keep their game up.

The Habs made one of the best comeback after last year bad season and now they're on the verge of being eliminate by the Sens. I'm surprised that the Sens were so ready for this team. So we'll see if the Habs can bounce back or the Sens can close this series up.

The Canucks once had 1 win away from winning the Cup now looking back at it no matter how well they played in the seasons yet they played poorly in the playoffs, last year they got "LA Kinged" by the Kings in 5 games, now this year they got swiped by the Sharks in 4, witch brings me to one question "What now?" What the Canucks are going to do? All I can say is review everything, review the players, coaches, GM, everything to see that one (or dozen) flaw(s) in it and fix it so that way not only that they will be good in both seasons and playoffs so they can get where they were the Stanley Cup finals.

So that my rant on those 3 teams that I have to get it out off my head.
For now, Later.


  1. I'll be honest, even though I picked the Pens to win, I really want to see the Islanders win the series, what did you think of the cheap shots the Pens, particularly Crosby and Malkin did at the end of the game? Is Nabokov a good fit for the Islanders, will the Islanders be a contender next season

    1. I believe that to me is a bad move on those two end, it could hurt them and the team in a bad fashion, if they don't make up from that this could go to 7 games and maybe for the 2nd year in a row we may see a 8th seed team beat a 1st seed team.

      Nabokov have been a good fit for the Islanders and really give this team what really needed, a goalie that can win not just games, but "Key" games that put themselves in the playoff pictures. If they get some good trades (not too much) to maybe signing free agents that still have some good playoff experience through the off-season, I can see this team being in the top 4, if lower more likely 6th seed and that it, this team is ready to show the hockey world that they are hungry for Stanley Cup number 5.