Thursday, 7 February 2013

Guelph Storm Concept

Guelph Storm despite this team been around over 20 years and beside following the London Knights, I used to Follow this team mainly because my old Public school teacher used to be a scout for this team and pretty much learned about the ways of how to make a hockey team turn from a bad team into a team that can win Championships.
Some of you young people to some from different places that got into Hockey think Guelph Storm is the 1st and only team to play in the city Guelph, well believe or not the city of Guelph has a rich hockey history from all sort of leagues, two most historic teams from Guelph were the "Guelph Biltmore Mad Hatters" from the OHA (years before the OHL was established) started in 1940 to 1942 cancelled their operation for 5 years due to World War 2 only to operate in 1947, won the Memorial Cup in 1951-52 season, they were the New York Rangers farm club, in 1960 the team was sold to a new owners due to financial trouble witch the new owners rename the team to the "Guelph Royals", 3 years later the team moved to Kitchener to be come the "Rangers" despite the NHL so longer associate with the OHA the name was the same to this day. The 2nd is the Guelph Platers, started in 1968 as the "Guelph CMC's", then the "Guelph Biltmore Mad Hatters" in 1972, and then in 1975 they were renamed to the Platers, 7 years later since the rename the team were promoted to the OHL were in 1986 they went all the way to the Memorial Cup title win, their glory was gone after that season with bad records and bad turnouts the team move to Owen Sound to become the Platers witch later in 2000 they were renamed the Owen Sound Attack.
And so in 1991 the city of Guelph got themselves another OHL team when the Dukes of Hamilton (formerly the Toronto Marlboros) and call themselves the "Storm" and to this day they had success from winning 2 OHL titles and making 4 Memorial cup appearance 1 of them as host (all 4 they didn't win), and they got list of NHL Alumnis that some I remember of them played for the Storm to even NHL stars I didn't even know they played for the Storm.
So there you have it the Hockey History in Guelph, right now their current look is too plain to my taste compared to their good jerseys that I remembered to their somewhat okay set, as part of my "OHL Redesign Quest" I give you My Guelph Storm Concept

The main crest it's indeed the storm cloud with eyes with the wordmark "Storm" removed, bring their old Alternate logo from 1995/96 to 2006/07 back as shoulder patch, made Black as main color follow by Crimson, and Gray, the three stripes on the arms and hem are represent three teams that played in the city of Guelph, the Guelph Biltmore Mad Hatters (now the Kitchener Rangers), Guelph Platers (Now Owen Sound Attack), and the Guelph Storm, while two thin stripes in between three thick lines on the arms and hem represent the two Memorial Cup titles won (Mad Hatters in 1951-52 season, and Platers in 1985-86 season), and the font on the NOB is standard block with 2 layer trims and the Columbus Blue Jackets fonts for the Numbers.

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The Guelph Hockey History can be found on Wikipedia, The Jerseys on this Post are from

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