Thursday, 31 January 2013

AJH HJA Update: My Computer Saga

Hi everyone how a going, have good week so far? Well I'm not having a good week so far, why you may ask? Well it all started last Sunday I woke up for a new day, as always I turn on the and it's on but nothing happened the fan kept running fast and loud while at the same time it beeps, it was very weird for my computer to act like this, until this evening my sister came over, check out my computer, and found out my motherboard is toast, I'm in a state of shock for my computer to go bad it's only 3 years old (give it 2 more months and it'll be 4, so it means I got to get my self a new motherboard witch is stinks, the good news is the memory on my computer is still good so no worry on that department it just the motherboard without it My computer is useless, unless my sis can find the best motherboard for my computer, until then I'll be more likely not post any of my concepts on this site only blogs, witch is not a easy task with using only my iPod touch, luckily I got most of my concepts on dates I set for time being, it'll be weeks or longer before my computer get back in action, until then.
Just Maybe?
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