Tuesday, 29 January 2013

North Bay Concept

We all know now (if not here's the link for the story) the Brampton Battalion are going to move to North Bay after this season, since then everyone is claiming that they should be called the North Bay Centennials from the old days before moving to Saginaw in 2002, others say that they should keep the Battalion name witch I don't mind it the only 2 things I would like to change. Number 1: Change the Olive color to a different shade of green, Olive is a a okay color for a army theme but it just does not work on here. And Number 2: The Main Crest! Drop the soldier's head it looks bad, it was alright in the beginning but it's got to go. However I actually did those two things with this concept as part of my "OHL Redesign Quest".

This one I try to keep it simple but effective, simple arm stripe design, the color looks like Olive some what with a lighter shade I was gunning for "John Deere Green" color, it was a tough call, the main crest I kept the wordmark because I can see the potential of a good wordmark logo for this North Bay team, copied the "N" and "B" from the wordmark logo in order to make it stands for "North Bay" with "Soldier stripes" behind to fit the Battalion theme, made a secondary logo for the shoulder patch it's just the "N" and "B" above the soldier stripes.

So that's my North Bay Battalion concept here's my little picture of my concept crest making in the works.
As you can see I pretty much went mad on this, up in left corner was my first attempt at making a crest using a soldier's head clipart it was a good idea until I add the "NB" letters on it I felt like I can do better so I put the soldier stripes behind the "NB" letters, on the right upper corner down I try out different colors to see witch color fits the crest better, and at the bottom my final look for my main crest included the shoulder patch.

That's all for now.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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