Friday, 15 February 2013

AJH HJA Update: New Computer!

Well did you all enjoy my concept that was scheduled last week? Well that my people was my last post from my old computer as it died late January (a week before the Super Bowl >_<), but this post marks my first with my brand new computer! Yes indeed it was a nightmare without my computer, not going through the internet, working on my concepts, etc. I didn't really lose all of my concepts data witch I threw them on Dropbox witch it's a life saver for me! The only things that are a lost is recent stuff, from my fanfic league, my Pittsburgh  Pens concept that I put it a side until I feel like get back on it, and my April fool's concepts that I was working on it was a good idea until my old computer crashed I was devastated, I had that computer for 3 years it was just 3 months shy away from being 4 years old, it was a sad day indeed it was, heck on that same week I tried a post on my iPod Touch but it wasn't the same. "Now" I got myself a new laptop computer and it's a wonderful laptop, it's Windows 8 witch it's cool, what's more awesome about it MS Paint program on this laptop too! I can't do concepts without MS Paint, it's my bread 'n' butter yes indeed it is, about 95% of my concepts are made on MS Paint while 5% is (resizing logos), it'll take time for me to get used to the new MS Paint, it's very different from the old one, I'll get my first concept made and post it here soon for now I got one concept made that I uploaded on photobucket and it's on here right now but it's on draft mode right now and haven't put details on the concept yet so hopefully I get to that really soon, for now got to put details on my concepts so it'll be ready to be send to HJC until then.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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