Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Syracuse Crunch Special Event Concept

With bunch of AHL teams doing special events I decide to make my own AHL special event concept, what better way to do it then with two things in my life "Hockey", and "Power Rangers", put them together and you'll get a special event concept. In case you all don't remember my "Hidden Treasure"posts that I made years ago around the same time during the 04-05 lockout I made Power Rangers theme hockey Jerseys, witch brings me to my rant about the Syracuse Crunch's new look, I had this idea stuck in my head for the longest time so I took a break from working on my OHL redesign concepts to do this idea and here it is my special event concept.

This concept is a Syracuse Crunch Special Event Power Rangers night the jersey is base on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with the teams colors, the main crest is the same but change the visor from silver to black to fit the theme, and the team's affiliate logo (Tampa Bay Lightning) is on the hem belt. So yeah that's my concept, hopefully I'll sent this concept to other sites, so far I sent it to icethetics hopefully it'll get on their concept page maybe on "Freaky Friday".

Icethetics Feedback 
HJC Feedback

Well that's for today, as for my Christmas it went well I got my self a London Knights Home Jersey (Black color), and a iPod touch greatest give ever!

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